The RAD Stuff // Vol. 18

If you didn't know, this little list of RAD stuff is really just a collection of all the things I've been loving lately that I want to share with you. Enjoy as you'd like! I'll likely share another list in about a month or so, just to keep the good things coming.


Helpful tips on how to prune your book collection (or not). I need to do this CONSTANTLY.

Seeing why authors rejected potential book cover designs is fascinating! Some of these designs are amazing, and I love seeing what they rejected and what they ended up choosing.

"I haven’t written in a free-form kind of way in this space for a while, but there’s no need to go back in time to invite back into our lives what we loved about the past. We can do it now, in whatever way we like. We can do it in 2018, too." // Amen and amen to all of this.

These are words we all should read.

"What is worth the space in your suitcase and your soul? What do you need to let go of in order to travel more freely, more lightly?" // Friends who leave all they know to be nomads are friends that also have incredible, beautiful stories to tell.

Happy-sad. (yes!)

I have found a new favorite Netflix show: Cedar Cove. It is slow and has such low stakes drama and is slightly sappy and is just the perfect brain break. (bonus: no language or PG-13 content of any kind! kissing is as scandalous as it gets. heard about it first here!)

I'm admittedly NOT a makeup person but I am trying to be a better skincare person, and this walkthrough of the right application process for all your products is helpful!

As if I needed any more reasons to love Denmark... can I move in here now?

My friend write really beautiful words.