5 Things Saving My Life Lately

I am all about sharing the love when it comes to things I'm digging lately, and I wanted to briefly share a few recent favorites! (Especially because one launches today, and you don't want to miss out!) 

Here are a few things saving my life lately:

(ps-- affiliate links included here!)

PowerSheets are back in stock today!

You can grab a six-month undated set of PowerSheets in white (my favorite one!) and you totally should. I absolutely love my PowerSheets-- never did I EVER set goals before this incredible tool, but now, I use them daily and have seen so much progress in so many areas of my life. (ps-- here's how I got started with my PowerSheets, and here's why I love them so much!)

Oh, also! There are new versions of the Write the Word journals (these are such a great way to spend time with Scripture in a beautiful and easy way every single day) including a KIDS version! So fun. Love that.

I found my favorite way to remove eye makeup.

I have tried EVERYTHING to get stubborn mascara and eyeliner off, and was getting so tired of scrubbing, rubbing, pulling, and fighting with my makeup. I've tried coconut oil, cotton swaps, standard oily removers, etc. But this makeup eraser just needs water, and it works AMAZINGLY. I'm sold forever. Plus it's so eco-friendly, and pays for itself so quickly! 

These reusable produce bags mean I'm using way less plastic at the grocery store.

That is SUCH A WIN. I have long wanted an alternative for plastic produce bags, but never knew what would work until these! Bonus: they have the weights on the tag so your cashier can zero it out. (But they're so lightweight, I doubt you'll even notice a difference in cost if they don't!)

My brows have never looked better, thanks to this magic thing.

A few swipes of boy brow (I have it in brown!) and my brows are filled in, tamed, and looking fierce. SOLD.

I wake up better thanks to this alarm clock!

Having a gradual sunlight simulator help wake me up in the morning has worked wonders-- I'm rarely going to want to pop out of bed and turn a light on, so this one turning on and getting brighter before the alarm goes off helps make me more alert when I open my eyes. Bonus-- it helps fake natural light for late night Instagram photos!