The RAD Stuff // Vol. 17


A dear friend sent this podcast over and BOY IS IT RELEVANT TO MY LIFE. Took two pages of notes and already want to listen to it all over again.

"Victory, in the Christian life, sometimes looks like death. The things you’ll be celebrating most are usually the places you died to. The place where you should be going, 'This doesn’t look good at all. This is hard and horrible and I’d rather not go through this.'" // Needed to read this.

And then there's this: "I think we’ve gotten so comfortable hiding that we have forgotten the joy of being found."

A highlight of my job: getting to connect with incredible authors, speakers, and just humans in general. This list of 20 women to follow on social media has made all of my feeds better and more diverse, and I love that so much.

An easy, filling, veggie based taco recipe? YES PLEASE.

And can we have this spicy turmeric lemonade on the side? Because I'm really into that.

Okay, and then these for a sweet treat we can feel good about? I'm done now.

What if you spent your energy being loving and kind to fear rather than angry or dismissive with it? // Yes, yes, yes.

It is not hard to convince me that more things should be painted black. Moody vibes forever.

A new favorite purchase. Plastic, be gone!

And one more way to reduce waste: the best makeup remover I've EVER used.