The RAD Stuff // Vol. 19


Did you see that Modern Mrs. Darcy released her summer reading guide?! I've already put so many of the books on hold at the library-- I can't wait to start reading. She always nails it with her picks! Update: I've read several so far-- An American Marriage (5/5 stars), The Wedding Date (4/5 stars), The Queen of Hearts (2/5 stars), Sunburn (2/5 stars), I'll Be Your Blue Sky (5/5 stars -- my favorite fiction read of the year!), That Kind of Mother (3/5 stars).

And speaking of good books, Brene Brown released a digital library and seeing what's on her bookshelves and nightstands is FASCINATING. I would like to read everything now, thank you!

Okay, one more thing about books... how many of the books on the Great American Read list have you read? I'm at 35 so far, but have a handful of others on my shelves already that I need to get to! Love having a list of classics like this to work on.

I cracked up at these SO HARD. (Warning, there's language, if that bugs ya.) // 23 Jokes That Are Way Too Real If You're A Vegan

Loved this list and instantly started doing several of these (in addition to what I was already doing!) and felt better. A Checklist to Mindful Minimalism (It’s More than Throwing Away an Old Pair of Jeans)

"Thinking so specifically about my body flicks my thoughts to God, and I wonder the same thing—for just as the spine makes motion possible, it is only in him that I live and move and have my being." // On the Yoga Mat As It Is in Heaven is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful piece.

Got to gush about one of my new favorite books!

The #1 place I want to visit.

This easy skincare ritual intrigues me! After Karamo from Queer Eye (SEASON 2 THIS WEEK!!!) talked about the ice cube trick, I've been meaning to try it, and this takes it to the next level.

Everything Leah writes is just... stunning. That isn't even a good enough word for it. Read her words, savor them, cherish them, be moved and changed by them. Gah, so good.