How to Memorize Scripture (Tips and Tricks!)


I was in a yoga class recently, fighting feelings of anxiety that were creeping up on me, and as I focused on inhaling and exhaling deeply, I started recalling Bible verses. I was surprised how many easily came to mind, one after another, helping to calm my restless spirit and remind me of truth. It inspired me to be more intentional with memorizing Scripture, something I really haven't attempted seriously since childhood. I reached out to my Instagram and Twitter followers for advice on where to start, and many of you asked me to share what feedback I got!

Here are all of the suggestions I received for how to memorize Scripture:

Help Me Teach the Bible podcast

Andy Davis on Scripture Memory for Bible Teachers

This podcast episode hosted by Nancy Guthrie is more than just for Bible teachers-- I heard it recommended through Hunter Beless (host of the Journeywomen podcast) on her highlighted Instagram story.

An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture

by Dr. Andrew Davis

This is from the same guy as the podcast above! This PDF looks like an excellent resource, complete with information, resources, procedures, even an example of a weekly schedule.

Memorizing Galatians video

Beth Moore

Other recommendations gathered on instagram:

click on the ones that mention resources -- i've linked them!

Anything else I should know about? I'm thinking I might start with just some key verses, and then eventually tackle a book like Ephesians!