11 Things Saving My Life Right Now


Real talk: my depression has been brutal lately. I've been running on nearly empty for months, and struggling to fight through the day to day demands of my life. I've been so grateful in this season to be loved so well by my people, and to be encouraged to keep taking the next step forward, despite everything feeling awful and seeming pretty bleak to me. I've been trying to more actively look for the good and name the gifts in my life even when good things seem few and far between, so this list was a way of practicing gratitude.

Here are 11 things helping save my life in this season of depression:

  1. Weighted blanket. I have this one, and got this cover for it (since obviously the blanket itself can't be washed) and I have never loved anything more. It's calming, stays cool (I was afraid of getting overheated under it!), and just makes me feel so cocooned and cozy.

  2. My 31 Things in 31 Days list. Motivation to do the things I care about, alongside a bunch of my friends near and far. Win-win.

  3. Anti-depressants. I'm sure I'll talk more about this as time goes on, but I'm just over a month into taking medicine to help me fight my depression. It's been challenging and I've struggled with the side effects, but I'm grateful for a tool to help me battle through what has been the hardest, most exhausting, and emotionally draining season of my life so far.

  4. SHARK WEEK. Because even if life is a mess right now, my favorite animal is taking over television all week, and that's worth celebrating. (See all my crazy shark week antics over on Instagram!)

  5. This book. Because I needed to immerse myself in a story, and what better way to do that than with a 1,000 page epic historical fiction novel full of drama, action, romance, and amazing characters?

  6. The Daily Remain journal. Having a guide to getting deeper into Scripture has been a gift in this season. I'm admittedly not super consistent with using this, but every time I do, I get so much more out of my Bible reading.

  7. Tried and true meals. Like Buddha bowls, and this pasta, and chickpea "tuna salad," and Asian chopped cabbage salad.

  8. CBD lotion. I got the tranquility lotion and the headache roller from Sagely (that beautiful branding! and great prices for high quality, too), and both are wonderful. CBD is the oil from hemp, without any psycho-active properties. You get the mellow without the high. It's amazing. I love the scent (the lotion is mostly like lavender, which is great before bed or any time I need to calm down) and the headache roller has a slightly minty scent that's lovely too. Both have helped me breathe more deeply, feel more zen, and just relax more fully.

  9. This sunrise alarm clock. The mornings are the hardest for me these days, and waking up to this gentle, warm light helps.

  10. Playlists for different moods. An upbeat and summery one, one I listen to as I'm falling asleep, one I listen to going to/from counseling, one for dancing around my room... etc.

  11. Counseling. I don't know where I would be without my weekly counseling sessions, where I cry, process, remember truth, receive prayer and encouragement, and gain helpful (much needed) perspective on my life and my depression. I'm more thankful for my counselor than I have words for.

What's saving your life right now?