The Best Books to Read For and About Depression and Anxiety


I've been thick in a season of depression for the last few months, and while there is a lot that is discouraging and frustrating about fighting against feelings that seem overwhelming, there has been a lot of good in this season too. I've been so grateful for the support system I've found with friends, family, my church, my coworkers, and my counselor and psychiatrist. I've also been so grateful for resources that have offered advice, encouragement, inspiration, and help along the journey that is walking through the wilderness.

I wanted to share a variety of books that have been helpful for me in my mental health journey. Not all are specifically about depression or meant for those battling depression, but all have been uplifting to me in this season. Almost all are faith-based, several are more clinical than others, and several were specifically recommended to me by my Christian counselor.

I hope they're helpful, encouraging, and enlightening for anyone who finds themselves battling depression and anxiety. As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or are looking for any other specific resources!

ps-- there are affiliate links here!