The RAD Stuff // Vol. 21


The RAD Stuff is a little series where I share the best of what I've been reading, browsing, and enjoying online (and beyond) lately -- hope you enjoy, too!

The best books for spiritual growth based on your enneagram type... yup. Into that. Have you read any of the books suggested for your type?!

Okay, so I probably should have thought of this before, but food combinations + the order in which we eat things... totally makes a difference when it comes to our digestion and our stomach issues. DUH. This is fascinating to me.

A beautiful poem.

As somebody fighting her own depression, I love HB's words here on how to help a friend with depression. I'd echo many of these same thoughts.

Also on depression... Erin is a dear, dear friend who writes about it all BEAUTIFULLY. Her words are a balm and I'm so proud of her for sharing them.

Close-up pictures of sharks. SO COOL.

These raw maca blondies sound SO GOOD. (Any dessert I can call “healthy” is a win in my book.) Big fan of adding maca to my morning smoothies too!

I bit the bullet and fiiiiinally got my YL starter kit. I'm far too hype about it. (I've had cheap oils for a while but honestly felt like it was time to get the real deal and actually implement them into my lifestyle, can't wait to share more!)

I’m forever dumping ALL the nutritional yeast on my popcorn… but this looks even better, and solves the problem of all that nooch ending up at the bottom of my bowl!

Words that bring me comfort and uplift my spirits: “I come into the peace of wild things.