31 Things for 31 Days // Lists for the Whole Year

Back in the summer, my dear friend Erin and I created a list for the month ahead of us as a way to inspire, motivate, and challenge ourselves to make the most of it. It was so fun to share the list file with all of you and see so many of you share your own lists full of awesome ideas.

We didn’t want the fun to end with just the summer list, so we created 4 different seasonal designs for you to use all year long! All lists have 31 things (even when months don’t have 31 days!) so don’t get stressed about that. Just make your lists for the next month, or even just have an ongoing list for the season and don’t limit it to 31 days at all — that header is a take it or leave it thing, we just wanted to give you a starting point.

if you're wanting some extra community and want to meet some amazing online friends, we made a Facebook group where folks from the original summer launch of these lists gathered together, and you’re more than welcome to join in and see the lists and ideas everyone shared!

These lists can be serious or ridiculous, whimsical or worshipful, fun and random and as unique as you are -- there is nothing off limits! If you're a Powersheets user, transfer some of your upcoming monthly, weekly, and daily goals to this list! If you have fun events coming up on your calendar for the month, add those! If you want to make it all about books, go for it. Or maybe you want to focus on adventures and exploring or traveling! The sky is the limit, that's what makes this so fun.


Just click on the images or links below to download your printables!