Memoir Recommendations // A RAD Reading Challenge


So many of you are off to a GREAT start with your RAD Reading Challenge progress — I’ve loved seeing all of your posts on Instagram of what you’re reading, especially when you’ve branched out into a new genre! I want to make sure you have great options in mind for each of the categories throughout the year, so I’m compiling blog posts for each topic with a bunch of ideas.

To clarify (since I was wondering this myself)… the difference between a memoir and an autobiography is really the length of time covered in the book. An autobiography typically focuses on the the author’s entire life, and a memoir usually focuses on one specific aspect of the author’s life. So basically autobiographies are on a bigger scale and memoirs are more zeroed in! Hope that’s helpful.

I’ve crowdsourced favorite memoirs on Instagram, scoured my Goodreads shelves, and brainstormed my own ideas for you — hope you find something to try, or that you’ll share in the comments what you read instead!

Here are some great memoir recommendations:

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20 Memoirs I’ve Read (and loved):

Find all the memoirs I’ve read on Goodreads here!

Other Recommendations from bookstagram:

what i chose for the challenge:

What memoir are you planning to read?!