The RAD Stuff // Vol. 23

This article on women who are dating and going to counseling is spot on. If you’re in the dating world, I highly recommend this and agree with her advice!

This article on “How to slide into someone’s DMs the right way” is hilarious and RELEVANT because… well… I did just that recently, and it’s been working out quiiiiite nicely. ;)

Hey, ps, if you’ve been curious about oils but were intimidated by the investment (I was too), there’s a sale on the desert mist starter kits this weekend (it’s the one I got, and I love it) — a great deal if you want to take the plunge!

One more sale… PowerSheets are 25% off with the code “BREAKITDOWN” so if you want to make 2019 your best year yet, grab your set! (Find all my posts about my PowerSheets here)

La Croix rebranded… this is amazing and hilarious and legitimately good.

I’m going to a silent reading party next weekend and I am SO excited. It’s at a wine bar, it’s silent, it’s uninterrupted time for reading with other bookworms in my city… it’s an introvert’s dream AM I RIGHT.

I’ve got a new Bible study sitch happening for 2019, and while I have to admit I’ve been STRUGGLING to get out of bed in the mornings… it’s been great when I actually have done it. I’m using this parallel Bible (it’s NKJV, NLT, NIV, and The Message all in one!), this women’s Bible commentary (a feminist view of Scripture? all about it), and my trusty old Moleskine journal. I was going to try to do a 90-day New Testament plan, but I’ve found it works better to just tackle about a chapter or two a day so I can be more thoughtful.

LC’s house is goals. (Anyone else love The Hills back in the day?!) It’s minimalist and cool and cozy still… love.

The differences in book cover designs in the US and the UK are so fascinating. It’s crazy how different the concepts can be… I can’t decide which ones I like more!

ALERT: I’m having a book sale on my bookstagram next Wednesday evening (I’ll start posting books in my stories around 6 pm) so don’t miss that if you’re looking to snag some steals!