Art (and Artists) I'm Crushing On These Days

I have been finding SO much inspiration in the art I’ve seen from talented artists on my radar lately, and wanted to share the goodness and beauty with all of you! The older I get, the more I want to invest in art and surround myself with pieces that I adore, especially when it also means I am supporting artists I love and admire. I’ve always loved collecting (and even creating, at times) prints for my home, and I can’t wait for the day I have a more permanent house that I can fill up with high quality pieces.

Here is some of the stunning art I’ve been eyeing lately:

Otonio // Parima Studio

Friends // Emily Grady Dodge

B + W #1 // Jill Sykes

Santa Fe 01 // Wit & Delight shop

August // Juniper Print Shop

Botanical Hand // The Wild Wander

"Grow Where You Are Planted" // Wit & Delight shop

Golden Graham // Hannah Crosby

Painting 1153 // Lauren Adams

ME AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN, 2 // Miriam Tribe

Southern Cotton Double Bloom Square // Angela Simeone

Original Painting, Abstract No. 32 // Cait Courneya