A Poem for Easter Weekend

I wrote the following for a weekly email sent out to members of my church, but wanted to share here as well. May this Easter weekend be beautiful and meaningful for you and for me.

Holy Week is always an impactful one for me. I've realized over the years that the depth to which I engage with Good Friday has a direct correlation to the height of my celebration on Easter Sunday. The more intentional and thoughtful I am in remembering on the work of Christ on the cross, the more I feel the weight and life-changing impact of his great sacrifice for me, and the more I feel set free to rejoice on Easter in light of his resurrection.

This weekend is the celebration of the Gospel, the Good News we cling to as believers-- that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh who walked among us, died on a cross as a sacrifice for our sins, and on the third day arose bodily from the dead and ascended into heaven where he is our High Priest and mediator. 

As I have spent time reading throughout Scripture and listening to hymns and worship music this week, I felt moved to put pen to paper and reflect on the events we will celebrate this weekend. The following poem is an expression of these reflections, and it's my hope that it will encourage you to also take time this week to reflect, pray, worship, and prepare for the coming weekend.

As I survey that wondrous cross

Fall to my knees to pray

I remember all you did for me

On that awful, tragic day

All my sin weighed on your shoulders

As you hung from that tree

You endured the death that I deserved

Oh, my God, how can it be?

Your body now behind the stone

All I feel is sorrow

"Truly," you said, "you'll weep and lament"

But wait until tomorrow

Just like you promised, Sunday comes

Your people now can sing

For sin and shame have been defeated

Oh now death, where is your sting?

You left the graveclothes in the tomb

Fulfilled what was proclaimed

You set us free and gave us your peace

Oh, what a glorious day!