VMFA + Northside: A RADventure

Winter seemed to come out of nowhere this weekend. I was loving autumn, soaking every bit of the cool and breezy temperatures, admiring every fiery tree and fallen leaf...and then it was 30 degrees and I was freezing. I'm not a fan. Saying farewell to the outdoor adventures of summer and fall is bittersweet, but this weekend was still full of exploring.

If you haven't met her yet, the pup is our miniature schnauzer, Uli. She's sweet and sassy and I've trained her to hold my hand (aka the cutest trick ever). I ventured to the VMFA with one of my best friends for the Forbidden exhibit (we concluded it was a good thing to expose ourselves to things from different cultures, and we should do it more often, but neither of us were overly enthused by the whole show) and to just wander around both inside and outside in the gardens that I've never seen before. On my way home, I decided to stop in a little local grocery shop I had seen on Instagram, and I promptly fell in love with how cute and quaint it was. The prices weren't as fun (sorry, but I'm not spending $9 for a bag of granola), but it was definitely picturesque and full of treasures!

Yes, it's cold. Winter is here. But adventures can still be had. Thankful for this fun weekend.

A Special Shout Out!

I am really thankful for genuine friends. I'm thankful for my church and for the connections I've made there, and for friendships that blossomed unexpectedly in that awesome building. I'm thankful for friends that give of their time and talents selflessly and love and encourage me so well.

This is really just a post of me bragging on one super sweet friend of mine, Ashley. She tells the story of how we met over on the blog she and her husband run-- give it a read to get the backstory. HOPE was where we first met, and I'm so glad we did!

Ash asked me a few weeks ago if she could take some pictures of me that they could feature on their blog, and I, of course, was so excited she asked! Her photography (as well as her husband's!) is AWESOME. So good. I was so honored she wanted to shoot me (with a camera, of course)! And I was also pretty stoked that I would be able to update my site and everything with new pictures.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day I spent wandering around Shockoe Bottom with Ash! You absolutely need to go check out their website and like them on Facebook to see all of the incredible work they do! With wedding season coming just around the corner, I promise you're going to want to see all of the beyond beautiful photos and videos they create.

Thank you so much for your sweet friendship, Ash. I'm so thankful I met you at HOPE in that membership class, and so thankful for your generosity in taking these awesome pictures! You are the best!