Kicking Off my Third Round of #The100DayProject

Kicking Off my Third Round of #The100DayProject

#The100DayProject is back in action! I'm embarking on my third round, and I'm so excited to announce what I'll be creating for the next 100 days!

100 Days of RAD Watercolors

100 Days of RAD Watercolors

Did I really just type watercolors in that title spot? Watercolors? Really? Me?

31 Words in 31 Days


Earlier this year, I participated in The 100 Day Project and doodled 100 pages in a mini sketchbook. Last month, I joined Bailey's Blog-Tember Challenge a few times when my schedule was free and I actually remembered. This month, I decided to join in the fun of "Write 31 Days" and give October a fun focus.

For the next 31 days, I'll pick a word a day and freewrite a blog post about it. I'm envisioning that some days will just be stream of consciousness writing, some days will be lists of associations and connections that come to mind, and some days might be more like poetry.

This is where you can find it all. I'll add the links to each day at the bottom of this post, so you know where to find everything.



The biggest takeaway from this year's 100 Day Project was that dedication is necessary, and that it's hard to consistently show up and create. I decided I wanted to commit, and I did. With the Blog-tember Challenge, I didn't. I halfheartedly wanted to participate (maybe selfishly just to connect with new people and grow my blogging network) and my lackluster attempts are no surprise. I didn't commit.

Having the accountability of the massive 100 Day Project community kept me going and kept me coming back to make something with my pen and paper, and I know this month will do more of the same. It's refreshing and challenging and so rewarding to push toward a goal day by day and put the effort in to make art happen.

I want to commit. A few years ago, commit was my word of the year. Even now, I crave intentionality. My time is too precious, my to-do lists too long, and my life too short to waste my heart, my talents, and my passion on things that are frivolous or meaningless. In everything, I want to lean in and dig deep. I want to embrace things that intimidate me and rise to challenges as I face them. I want to commit to projects like this one and do the work of showing up day after day after day.

I'm happy you're here. Thanks for sticking around as I figure out what this space holds for me. Thanks for entertaining my wild ideas and reading my words and coming back. I hope what you find here meets you where you are, too.

Click on each image to read that day's post:

come back tomorrow!

Loving Lately: May 13

Every now and then, I find that there are so many things I just want everyone to know about and love like I do. I've shared posts like this before and they're always one of my favorites, and it's been a while since the last one!

So, let's go (roughly) clockwise around this picture starting at the top and check out what I'm loving lately!

Fresh flowers -- because I'm a big believer in always having flowers on the table or in my room. Life is better that way. I could do without the ants that are OBSESSED with living on these peonies though...

Essential oils -- yep, I jumped on the bandwagon. (edited in 2019 to add — these cheap oils were exactly that… cheap. I’ve since purchased Young Living oils and will never go back.)

Necklaces with the letter "R" -- because although I hate monograms, I love my initials! One family I babysit for gave me the gorgeous Kate Spade circle necklace with the "R" engraved, and I absolutely love it. The other one I picked up recently at Quirk Gallery downtown during First Fridays and it's been a daily favorite.

The Scribble Diary and 1 Page at a Time- A Daily Creative Companion -- because some days, having a page full of creative little prompts to get my pen moving and thoughts flowing is exactly what I need. Both of these little books are fun, quirky, easy to do, and a great little jumpstart to creativity.

Sparkling water -- because as a girl who doesn't drink soda and tries to avoid super sugary juice (but still loves it), this is a good substitute. I found raspberry lime flavor and it has the best hint of flavor with all the fun of bubbly carbonation. It's a nice mix-up from my usual big mason jar of ice water!

My new index card quote organization system -- I ALWAYS underline and highlight quotes in books I love, and never remember them after the fact. I found myself constantly wishing I could just command+F through my bookshelf to find quotes to add to blog posts or my journals, and this is the next best thing! I got these little index card cases with dividers at Target, made some more dividers with index cards and sticky tabs, and wrote key words on them all. I've been going through my bookshelf, writing down quotes, and filing them under key words, and I think it will be great resource! Plus, I just love writing on index cards for some reason.

Homegrown kale from our backyard garden -- because everything tastes better when you know just where it came from and just whose hands touched it before yours. We built two huge gardens (with a fence around to keep the critters out, HAHA squirrels!) and have already been enjoying SO MANY greens, with so many other veggies coming soon!

This to-do list -- because it's Rifle Paper Company (and they can do no wrong) and it was the sweetest birthday gift from a dear friend! I love making lists, and they're even better when they're on cute paper.

This "Windows Down" playlist -- because 80 degree sunshine calls for good tunes and windows down cruising around town.

#100daysofRADpages -- because forcing myself to put pen to paper in some way every day for these 100 days has been a really fun challenge. Find them all every day on Instagram!

This popcorn -- because YUM. I love popcorn of all kinds, and these Boom Chicka Bites called "Sweet & Salty Nut" are the best Cracker Jack-ish treat! They have cashews, almonds and peanuts in clusters with the best ancient grain popcorn, and they're addicting. I won't say I ate them all in one day...but I might have.

This shampoo and conditioner -- because 1. it's at Target (the best store), 2. it's sulfate and paraben-free (good stuff, even though I'm not 100% sure what that means), 3. each bottle bought provides a month's supply of clean water to a community in need (COME ON, that's awesome), 4. it smells heavenly and wonderful, 5. it makes my hair feel awesome. SO MANY WINS.

What are you loving lately? Anything I MUST check out? Let me know!


Quite a while ago, I stumbled upon an article on Medium called The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna. I absolutely loved it. If you haven't read it, go read it now! It has now been turned into a book (that I preordered and should be getting in the mail this week!)-- it's that good and that popular.

Recently, I stumbled upon a magazine at Barnes and Noble called The Great Discontent and absolutely loved it as well. It was full of long-form interviews with artists and creatives of all kinds, and it was inspiring and motivating and beautifully produced.

image by  Elle Luna  for #the100dayproject

image by Elle Luna for #the100dayproject

Now, Elle Luna and The Great Discontent have teamed up on a project called #the100dayproject where people are invited to choose something to do for 100 days, sharing every day on Instagram with that hashtag as well as their personalized hashtag, too.

I chose to fill a page in a mini sketchbook with words and doodles every day from April 6 (today!) until July 14. I've called it #100daysofRADpages and you can follow along with each day on Instagram

Interested in this whole idea? Join in! Choose something today and get started, you haven't missed anything yet! I'm so excited to commit to doing something every day for this stretch of time-- I think it's going to be a great practice in dedication as well as creativity. Find me on Instagram (@racheladawson) to see each day!