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PowerSheets, Journals, and Planners... Oh My! (All the Things I Do to Stay Organized)

This Enneagram 1/Type A organization freak LOVES a good paper product, and I wanted to share all the ones I've been loving for a while now. These are the resources I use all year long, breaking things down into monthly goals, weekly plans, and daily habits too.

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11 Things Saving My Life Right Now

In this season of depression, I need to fight to find the good and practice gratitude. Here are 11 of the best things about life right now, even in a hard season.

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31 Things To Do in the Next 31 Days

A dear friend challenged me to make a list of things I wanted to do in the next month as a way of fighting my way through the fog and having some fun things to look forward to, and we wanted to share the fun with all of you!

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