Flight of Four: Worldwide Wanderlust

Whether you’re dreaming of a weekend getaway or a year spent abroad, these books will help channel those adventurous vibes and help take you on a trip even if just through your imagination.

What to Do (and Eat!) on a Quick Trip to Austin, Texas

What to Do (and Eat!) on a Quick Trip to Austin, Texas

I recently went back to Austin, Texas for the second time and got to explore a bit more of this weird and wonderful city. Here are my best recs from what we got to see on our short trip!

77+ Best Things to Eat, Drink, and Do in Richmond, Virginia

 77+ Best Things to Eat, Drink, and Do in Richmond, Virginia

There is so much to adore about this city in the heart of Virginia-- from the food, the art, the coffee and beer and cider, the endless festivals, the outdoor options, the tattoos... it's a hipster heaven.

on the coming and the going.

on the coming and the going.

there's something about roots, and something about wings. there's something about adventure, and something about contentment. there's something about there, and still so much about here.

Hiking Crabtree Falls

This Labor Day, my roommate and I decided to take advantage of the weekend's BEAUTIFUL weather and get outside! Here are some snapshots from our Crabtree Falls hike!

RAD52in52 for 2016

RAD52in52 for 2016

Here are my 52 bucket list goals for 2016!

The Adventure Begins!

Earlier this summer, my dad and I randomly started talking about visiting Ventura, CA where my great aunt and uncle live-- it's one of our favorite places! One of my bucket list items for this year was to visit two new states, so I thought it would be awesome if we could take a road trip and knock that off along the way as well.

We mapped out three potential routes we could take, and settled on two of them. One took us through several cities where relatives of ours live, so we decided to make that our route coming home, with the route going out to CA taking us through several states new to me!

Once we checked in with family and friends and everyone was free on the right dates (what are the odds of that?!), we finally committed to making the whole trip a go!

Now, the time has come, and we're off on our big adventure tomorrow!


Follow along on social media with the hashtag #radndadventure if you want to see what we're up to. I'll be back when we're back-- no guarantees on posts from the road :)

Charlottesville for the 4th

My parents and I decided to take a day trip to Charlottesville this 4th of July, and it was such a great day! There was rain in the forecast, but it thankfully didn't hit us until we were on our way home.

The Charlottesville City Market is a GREAT farmer's market-- we ended up with some black raspberries (we made them into a muddled berry/simple syrup that made for some EXCELLENT vodka tonics), sour cherries (that Mom turned into the most delicious mixed berry cobbler that we topped with ice cream), lettuce (we made Asian shrimp lettuce wraps that I unashamedly devoured), corn on the cob (because it's just necessary on the 4th), and really yummy vegan/gluten-free crackers.

Charlottesville's Downtown Mall has some adorable little shops, too! I love wandering through bookstores and shops full of paper goods...and I showed such good self-control surprisingly!

One of my bucket list items for this year was to go wine tasting at a new vineyard, so we checked out Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard! It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I would love to live in a place like that. It's confirmed now that I love love love dry wines and prefer reds to whites, and it was fun getting to try five of Pippin Hill's wines. If anyone needs a wedding spot, CHECK THIS OUT right now. It would be perfect.

Our trip home was slightly scary at points with the crazy rain and storms, but we stopped at a MASSIVE antique store where I finally found a globe I love (I've been looking for ages!) and a really cool vintage metal tin to store art supplies-- nothing like some antique bargains!

Hope you all had a fabulous Independence Day weekend celebrating our beautiful country, and that WORLD CUP WIN too!

Independence // A Speak Up Vlog

Tomorrow is the 4th of July -- YAY -- and with that, we are talking about INDEPENDENCE today for the Speak Up link-up!

In yourself right now is all the place you’ve got.
— Flannery O'Connor

Check out all the other fabulous friends linking up and chatting about independence here!

Rethink in Texas

Before I share about my recent Texas journey, let me tell you a little backstory...

At the beginning of 2014, a really cool thing happened. Through friends and connections that were so perfectly orchestrated by a God who writes awesome stories in our lives, I started blogging for Rethink Creative Group. It was the first time I was blogging seriously, and for a site that wasn't just my own, and I absolutely loved it. I loved the other people on the team, and loved being part of how Rethink was growing.

Last August, as Rethink was growing as a business, we made a change to that blog. We launched a whole new site called The Rising blog, and it became my baby. I wasn't just blogging anymore, but also leading a team of incredibly talented writers from all over the country, editing all content, running our social media, and helping bring everyone's words to life in a new space.

This past May (as in last month), I officially came on board part-time with Rethink as the Chief of Story. I wrapped up nannying the two boys I had fallen in love with this year and my work with Rethink became my sole job. IT WAS SO EXCITING. 

Then, last week, I flew out to Texas for a full week with the Rethink guys. The craziest part of all of this? I had never met David and Mark who are the co-founders of Rethink. The two of them plus Blair (who I had hung out with a few times over the last year when he passed through Richmond) and I make up the whole staff team currently. 

Basically, this past week has been one of the all-time best ever. Getting to finally be in the same place with these men that I've known and worked with for over a year was amazing. We traveled all over Texas, worked together, had many long and incredible conversations, laughed harder than I have in a long time, had a complete blast, and grew so much closer in just seven days than we ever could have spread out all across the country.

Coming home to Richmond on Tuesday was bittersweet. I love this work, love these people, and love what we get to create together everyday. It was so much fun to all be together to do that, but I know we are all coming back to our respective cities ready to make more magic happen for our clients.

Here are some snapshots from my week in Texas!

Traveling from DCA-->DFW (and leaving love letters for strangers)

Austin, TX at Adelbert's Brewery (filming a promo video for them) // Dinner out with the team // Relaxing at our AirBnB // Visiting the State Capitol // More video shooting


Grapevine, TX at Redefined Coffee House // Best tacos EVER // Hadassah Valentine (Rachel and David's adorable daughter!)

ps-- if you need any marketing/creative work/websites/social media strategy/etc...check out Rethink! We would LOVE to work with you.

Historic Tredegar + Brown's Island // A RADventure

Most days, nannying two little boys looks like lots of Legos, battles and wars, karate moves, and running around like crazy people in a basement littered with toys. Yesterday, their family came into town and our day looked totally different-- there was still lots of running around like crazy people, but now it was five kids under five with three adults supervising as we explored Historic Tredegar and ventured across the bridge over the James River to Brown's Island. The boys had a blast! I'm always down for an adventure, and loved getting to see places I already love through the eyes of hyped up and eager little kiddos.

I love this River City. I love sunshine and blue skies. Here are six snapshots from our adventure!

DC for a Day // A RADventure

Earlier this week, my awesome friends Tyler and Ashley Herrinton asked if I would be interested in going to the Caps/Rangers game in DC on Wednesday evening. Of course I jumped at the chance and said yes immediately! I got off of work and asked around to find friends who were free, and we decided to make a day of it.

We left Richmond around 2 pm and literally hit NO traffic on the way...unheard of. We decided to wander around the National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Art Museum for a while (one of my favorite places in DC by far). I had visited there a few years ago with my friend Griffin Harrington who took an awesome picture of me in front of a neon installation, which we took another picture of this time around-- Inception-style.

We had dinner and drinks at a fun little restaurant called Matchbox before heading to the Verizon Center. Our seats were unreal-- right on the red line, ten rows up. INCREDIBLE. Being there for a big rivalry game was a blast! Unfortunately, we lost 3-1...but it was so much fun regardless of the outcome.

Spontaneous adventures are the best adventures-- it was 12 hours well spent with awesome friends!