A Little Fall Bucket List

My favorite season is in full swing (even if the temps are still too warm for my liking) and I'm making plans to savor every bit of it.

BLOG-TEMBER: My Fall Favorites

BLOG-TEMBER: My Fall Favorites

I already told you all about how summer isn't my favorite, but now, we get to talk about THE BEST SEASONS EVER. Autumn. People, I adore this season. It makes my heart the happiest

73 Questions

73 Questions

I'm totally copying Vogue with this "73 Questions" idea, and stealing this list from a blogger friend, because it's just fun to share ALL THE RANDOM THINGS.

Loving Lately: Sept. 26

My favorite season is here and I think I could write a never-ending list of all the things I love about it, but instead, here's a list of much more random things I've been loving lately. 

loving lately sept 26

Fun little design projects like this blog header. (I didn't love that goodbye, but that's a different story.)

Pumpkin spice coffee from Trader Joe's.

Stop Singing Oceans. Yes.

HOCKEY IS BACK. Praise. I proudly #rockthered for my Caps!

The final harvest of summer vegetables from our family garden. That final batch of homemade salsa was incredible.

Hope Places and this video.

This incredible group of people on fire for their passions. #fireworkpeople

Dried eucalyptus hanging on my wall making everything smell so good.

Baby pumpkins scattered around my apartment.

The best way to deal with fear is act in spite of my fear, without acting out of it.

The writings that inspired CS Lewis? Loving reading this.

Flexing my creative muscles making fox and viking masks for the boys I nanny.

This playlist: Autumn Acoustics.

"Do great work. Live great lives."

What have you been loving lately? Comment with your favorites or tweet them to me @racheladawson and you might see them appear in next week's list!

A Current of Change

The seasons outside are changing but I feel that more in my heart than I do in the weather. This is a time of change crashing over me like a mighty wave, knocking me to my feet and stealing the breath out of my lungs and leaving me searching for which way is up but knowing I won't drown. This is the edge of one normal as a new and unfamiliar one creeps in. This is a time of not knowing what tomorrow brings,but knowing I have a faithful Guide and the road won't lead to my downfall. This is a time of learning that trust can feel like a blanket and a bonfire and this big thing that soothes your soul when you sink down into it.