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2018: A Bookish Year in Review

2018 was a good year for reading! Lots of diversity (thanks to my goal to focus primarily on books written by women and people of color), lots of 5-star reviews (and a few duds, as per usual), lots of library snags and book sale grabs, lots of fun fiction and meaningful memoirs and impactful nonfiction, and just a lot of goodness overall.

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How I Use Goodreads (and Why I'm Obsessed)

My whole reading life changed the day I downloaded Goodreads. I'm not kidding! This one app/site has singlehandedly been the biggest game changer in my reading life.

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13 Tricks to Help You Read 100+ Books a Year

This year, I've already read over 100 books, and people are constantly asking me "HOW DO YOU READ SO MUCH?!" so I thought it would be fun to share the best tips and tricks I know.

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