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My Massive List of Must Read Books (of All Genres!)

These are the books that have lingered with me, the books I've returned to repeatedly, the books that have forever changed me in some way. Basically, this list includes the books that have impacted me enough that they feel like a small (or big) part of me now.

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13 Tricks to Help You Read 100+ Books a Year

This year, I've already read over 100 books, and people are constantly asking me "HOW DO YOU READ SO MUCH?!" so I thought it would be fun to share the best tips and tricks I know.

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The Best Books to Give as Gifts

I'm one of those people who reads good books and then wants EVERYONE ELSE to read them SAP. So... I've rounded up the best books for gifts this Christmas for you and all the different kinds of people in your life!

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