2019: My Word, PowerSheets Goals, Vision Board, Tools, + More!

2019: My Word, PowerSheets Goals, Vision Board, Tools, + More!

Talking all about my 2019 goals, plans, tools, projects, reading challenges, Bible studies, and MORE!

2018: My Word of the Year (!!), Goals, and Vision Board

2018: My Word of the Year (!!), Goals, and Vision Board

I'm sharing my #OneWord365, my top 10 PowerSheets goals for 2018, the vision board that illustrates it all perfectly, and how all the things tie together. Here we go, new year!

What Clarity Would Look Like (I Think)

What Clarity Would Look Like (I Think)

Back in January, I set "clarity" as my word for the year. About halfway through, I started ACTUALLY thinking about what it would look like, and I wanted to share more now that 2017 is almost over.

CLARITY: A Three-Month Check Up

CLARITY: A Three-Month Check Up

Oh, clarity. Elusive, impossible, beautiful, enchanting, unreachable. Funny how when I chose this word for my year, all I wanted was control...

A Coffee Date // January 9

It's a snowy Monday morning in my town -- perfect for a cozy little coffee date chat. Join me?

CLARITY: My #OneWord365

CLARITY:  My #OneWord365

May I live 2017 God's way. May I seek Him clearly, intentionally, whole-heartedly. May everything else fall into its rightful place with Him as my priority.

Currently // May 4

Currently // May 4

My birthday is sadly over, but I'm still keeping the celebrating alive! Check out the things I'm up to currently!

Rhythm: A Progress Report

Rhythm: A Progress Report

It's the fourth month of the year. I'm sorry, WHEN did that happen?! I realized I should write about my word of the year now that the year has had a few months to get going, and then I realized how badly I've been failing at putting this word into practice.

RHYTHM: My #OneWord365

RHYTHM: My #OneWord365

I've never been good at consistency, at creating habits that stick, at routine. I'm not great at establishing patterns in my life, even ones I know are so worthwhile and fruitful. So, this is my word of the year...



Pause and praise. Stop. Give thanks. Slow down long enough to see what's happening and count it all as good. This life moves quickly and our vision gets blurry, but I'm learning to live with eyes wide open. I'm learning to slow down and step out of the fray and be still long enough to notice what's around me. The details amaze me, but I don't see them when I'm rushing.

The fiery red veins on a leaf laying in the sidewalk's edge-- Selah. Lord, thank You for autumn and a cooler sky and a slower pace and a calmness all around.

The chirping of a cricket I can't see in the nighttime-- Selah. Lord, thank You for peace and for rest and for restoring my weary soul.

The sweet words left in a comment box on a blog post-- Selah. Lord, thank You for the people in my corner, for the ones who love me so well, for the ones who believe in me endlessly and push me to keep fighting the fight, for the way You've woven hearts together across distance like only You can.

The words of the song that came next in the shuffle-- Selah. Lord, through it all, though it all, my eyes are on You, and through it all, through it all, it is well.  

A new season in so many ways-- Selah. An exhale. Selah. A whispered thank you. Selah. A deeply rooted gratitude. Selah.  An outpouring of love. Selah.  

I pause and I praise. You are good. You are faithful. You are true. You are unfailing. You are gracious. You are radiant. You are holy. You are radical. You are endless. You are for me. And I praise You. Selah.  

Every day in October, I'm writing whatever comes to mind when I focus on one word.

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SELAH: My #OneWord365

2012 was beloved.

2013 was commit.

2014 was devote.

Do you sense a trend in the last two years? Commit: to do, to carry into action deliberately, entrust. Devote: to commit by a solemn act, to give over to a cause, enterprise or activity. Strong verbs.

But now, it's 2015, and I'm going in a totally different direction.

2015 is selah. 

Selah: stop and listen, to pause and praise, to exalt, to lift up.

My prayer for this year is simple: selah. My prayer is that every day, in every season, despite every changing emotion, I would pause and praise. My prayer is that this year would be defined by stillness, rest, reflection, worship. My prayer is that my devotions wouldn't be rushed or hurried or just another thing on my to-do list, but that I would truly stop and listen. My prayer is that I won't be too busy or too hurried or too worried to stop, to pause, to lift up. My prayer is not that I would rely on my own strength, but that I would exalt the strength of the Lord, exalt His glory, exalt His name. My prayer for this year builds on the prayers of the past two years-- I'm committing my year and devoting my year to the pausing and the praising of my Savior, Creator, Redeemer, my Abba.

Last weekend, my church held a soul care retreat for group leaders, and it was a morning of silence and stillness with just me, my Bible, my journal, and my God. If ever I was reminded of how refreshing selah can be, that morning was it. For more than two hours, I didn't say a word, didn't look at my phone, didn't see anyone else, wasn't distracted by anything. For hours, I was able to pause and to praise.

This was what spilled onto the page that morning:

Abba-- may this morning bring selah. May this day be about pausing and bringing you praise. May I be still, be silent, be at peace. May I rest in Your presence and let all chaos settle before You. May I breathe in Your grace and breathe out Your praise. May I reflect on all You've done, putting aside all my to-dos. May You be at my center. May You be at the core. May You be at the forefront and in the spotlight. May all my strivings cease. May You be Christ alone, May You be my Cornerstone. May You be Lord of all. May You invade, disrupt, bring to the light, unsettle, and stir up in me the places where idols reign and You have been replaced by my pride and humanity. May I leave this place today looking more like You in a way that is lasting. May silence be a practice I carry with me. May stillness refresh what is weary within me. May Your goodness overcome all my wretchedness. May You come. Holy Spirit, You are welcome here. Come, flood this place and fill the atmosphere. Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for, to be overcome by Your presence, Lord.

May 2015 be full of selah.

To learn more about #OneWord365, visit their site here!

Devote: January's reflections on my #oneword365


There are times where words come easily. They flow from my hand to my pen to my paper fluidly and without ceasing. They are beautiful and meaningful. When I read them back to myself, I am often surprised at how they sound and what they say, having been so engrossed in just getting them on paper that I didn't even fully know what was being written. There are other times where bits of words swirl around in my head, and nothing coherent comes from them. I start writing, and stop just as quickly. The thoughts don't make sense, the flow isn't there, the unity and purpose is murky and messy and meaningless.

There are times when I start to write, and realize all that I'm saying is an echo of someone else's words. My sentences are new, my ideas aren't unique, and I'm just spitting out things I've consumed from other places.

Lately, my head has been a jumbled up mess. It hasn't been pretty; it hasn't been fun. I've felt lost in my own thoughts, racing through tangled webs and mazes of too many concepts and not enough cohesion and clarity. My life is busy, yes, and the tasks on my to-do list seem endless, but isn't that true of us all, all the time? That can't be an excuse.

I'm someone who writes constantly, a pen always in my hand, a Moleskine always an arm's length away, ready to be filled with any rambling thought or flowery doodle. And yet lately, I've pushed them away. The date of my last journal entry is days and days past, nothing new filling those grid paper pages I usually love to cover with ink.

How do I get out of that maze of messy thoughts and madness? How do I compartmentalize the many roles I play, so I can be fully present for each? How do I truly devote to each task before me, each relationship, each job, each passion? How do I devote my time to where the Spirit is leading me and not neglect duties and responsibilities and rest and my sanity?

Devote. A word I chose to focus on this year because I knew it would be hard. A word I know requires attention and dedication and intentionality. A word I'm struggling with. January isn't over yet. The month isn't lost. I want to be better at devotion, I want this year to start strong to set the tone for the months ahead. Devote. Oh, I want to do this better.

Lord, show me what devotion looks like. Open my eyes and my heart and my life to ways to devote all that I am and have to the things you've set before me. I want my life to be characterized by wholehearted devotion in 2014. Show me how.