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Authors of Color Only: What I'm Reading this Black History Month

It's one of my goals to read more books by diverse authors, and February's Black History Month is a great way to dive in! Here's what's on my list.

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#COLLABOREADS: An Author of a Different Ethnicity

We're bringing our beloved book club back for MORE. We've expanded our horizons reading books from authors different than us, and we can't wait to share our best recs with you!

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Echo Chambers and Challenging Your Comfortability

I encourage you not to stay in an echo chamber in your life. Don't stay stuck in the places where everyone around you tells you what you want to hear, what's safe to hear, what's comfortable to hear.

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My July 2016 Reads

In the middle of hot days and crazy thunderstorms, I read some great books and abandoned some not-so-good ones and made some progress on my summer reading list, too. Here are the 12 books I read (and listened to) in July!

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All the Awesome Articles // July 15

Some are heavy, some are helpful, some are hard, one is hilarious.

All are powerful, beautiful, worthwhile.

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In Response to Another Black Life Lost

Another murder.

It’s sickening, but it isn’t surprising, and that wrecks me.

He did not look like me, but that does not mean I cannot mourn and grieve the loss of his life. His life mattered. He mattered. 

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My April 2016 Reads

It's almost May which means it's almost my birthday...but first, here's what I read in April!

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