on green things and staying grounded.

on green things and staying grounded.

i've been craving the feeling of bare feet on soft green grass. i've been wanting to plunge my hands into big pots of cool soil, wanting to break it up between my fingers and be reminded i came from dust like this and i'll return to dust like this someday too.

What I Learned This Spring

From the hard to the hopeful to the random, here are the little things I learned this spring!

What I'm Feeling as a New Season Comes

What I'm Feeling as a New Season Comes

Here I am. In a new month, a new season. And I'm trying to take better inventory of where my soul is these days.

A Coffee Date // February 13

Let's celebrate little victories, chat about what's challenging us, swap stories, and more. It's coffee date time!

Five. Sixteen. // PLAYLIST

Five. Sixteen. // PLAYLIST

This month's playlist is a fun blend of upbeat, happy, springy, cheery tunes that hopefully will put a smile on your face and bring some sunshine feelings to even the rainiest of May days.

The Coming of Spring

Winter felt long this year, lingering far past its welcome. A dark gray gloom seemed settled all around, an unshakable feeling. Occasionally the sun would break through and give us a ray of hope and a reminder of brighter, lighter days, but mostly a melancholy sat around in low clouds and cold winds and barren trees.

Winter is felt deep down in our bones. It's like you'll never feel warm again, never feel hot sun on your skin again, like the bitterness of the freezing rain and few hours of daylight is always going to be around. I feel a little less alive in the winter. Beds and blankets and fireplaces call to me, and I shrink inward into this little ball of myself, trying to make it through until the season ends.

Spring is a tease. There were days I thought it was back, days I shed my outer layers and stayed outside as long as I could, joyfully embracing warmer weather. But then winter came back, the sneaky beast that it is. When we thought it was gone and we had shut him out and locked him away, he broke through to remind us he's a strong one.

But now (I so desperately hope), old man winter is banished. Sweet, sweet spring is here. The world around me seems to be coming to life again. The sun is waking up earlier, excited to start shining. The birds are tweeting their melodies outside my window when I wake up, adding a simple chorus to the season. Tiny buds are blooming, shoots of green grass are popping up, the palette covering this canvas of our world is slowly transitioning from blues and grays to bright and beautiful colors.

Joy wakes up again in the spring. Cities seem to have a whole new magic about them. People come out of their caves, squinting at the shining sun, eager for adventures. It's like we see the world in a whole new way in spring. It's a rebirth, a reawakening, a reminder of glory and grace. A season of celebrating new life, new mercies every morning, new seasons. A time of rejoicing that death and darkness and gloom couldn't hold us down forever-- light breaks through and life conquers victoriously.

Spring is like a glorious dawn, a radiant sunrise after a long, dark and sleepless night. Hallelujah.

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