on the little clues and big truths.

on the little clues and big truths.

little clues. tiny signs. all pointing to i'm not okay. I want to be, truly. but yet, not entirely.

TRUTH // Speak Up! Vlog

Every month, I'm linking up a vlog (unscripted and unedited so enjoy that!) with Amber and Annie's Speak Up! link-up. The first Friday of every month, we are sharing our hearts and thoughts on different topics, and March's topic is TRUTH.

Here we go, friends! Seven minutes of thoughts from Rachel's brain at 11 pm. Enjoy!

Jesus Christ doesn’t just give us truths; he is the truth. Jesus Christ is the prophet to end all prophets. He gives us hard-copy words from God, truths on which we can build our lives, truths we have to submit to, truths we have to obey, and truths we have to build our lives on, but he himself is the truth.
— Timothy Keller
The Truth must dazzle gradually
or every man be blind.
— Emily Dickinson

Any thoughts on truth you want to share? Anything you loved or hated about what I shared? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!