undefined gathering

An Invitation to An Event and a Full Life

I've heard it said that women are catty, that we are competitive and cutthroat and caught up in our appearances. My experiences have taught me just the opposite is true. I have found that women are compassionate, encouraging, eager to build each other up, and passionate about loving each other and the Lord well. I've seen incredible, unbelievable, powerful things happen when women come together.

In 2014, I went to a women's gathering at my church here in Richmond called un/defined. I didn't know quite what to expect, but I loved everything about it. It was a HUGE event, and it was so good. Laughter, covers of Lorde's song "Royals," funny spoof videos, bold teaching, stunning worship, vulnerable conversations, community-building, and a fantastic experience down to the very details. 

Now, I'm part of team planning the next gathering of un/defined. Over the past few months, I've sat around tables with this team of women, and they have continually reminded me of all the goodness about women gathering together. These women are all different ages and in different stages of life, with different gifts and abilities and interests...but they unite for one common goal: to see women changed by the love of the Lord. They (quite honestly) are the best.

We're a small group, but I've seen God move in mighty ways in us already. We're a small sampling of the women who will join us for un/defined in January, but we are believing together that He'll do for the big event what He's doing among our small team.

We laugh hard together, to the point of tears sometimes, at jokes and at sentences that come out all tangled up in the most hilarious ways. We pray together, honestly coming before our Father with all that our hearts are longing for and wrestling with. We plan together, all of us using our strengths to join together and bring this gathering to life.

When women come together, beautiful things happen. This team has been proof of that to me.

At the last un/defined, I saw the goodness of the female community like I had never seen before. The room was packed. The energy was electric. The experience was amazing and empowering and exciting. I still feel that momentum now, almost two years later. Women came (hundreds and hundreds of them) and let down their guards and got real with each other and with God, and they left those two days changed.

I believe the same will happen in January. I believe women will come (hundreds and hundreds and HUNDREDS of them) and let down their guards and get real with each other and with God, and leave after two days changed.

I can't wait. 

The world might try to tell us about who women are, but I want to listen to what God tells us. He says we are beloved and we are beautiful and we are His. He calls us to gather together and to seek Him with all of our hearts. He tells us He wants to give us life to the full, to know us intimately, to love us relentlessly.

I want to invite you to join us if you possibly can. I can't wait to see all that the Lord will do, and I want you to be a part of it. Come experience life to the full with us.