Five Finds Friday // Nov. 13

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I have become a bigger Bieber fan as of late (his new songs are killer!) and when this popped up on Facebook, I was curious. It's HILARIOUS. Ellen is the best and Bieber did so great with this prank.


I love this from Verily Magazine: A Field Guide to Layering Sweaters and Button-Ups because fall is here (and most mornings feel like 100% winter) and I'm still trying to look cute for work even with my layers on layers!


Today is the Thanksgiving potluck at work, and I STRUGGLED to think of something gluten-free and vegan to bring that other people would really want to eat too! I found this recipe for "Shredded Brussels Sprouts + Fall Vegetable Salad" from The First Mess and it inspired me!

I ended up hardly following what she did, and totally concocted my own salad/slaw thing. Mine has shredded napa cabbage, shredded red cabbage, carrot matchsticks, tiny broccoli bites, a little shredded radish, a little shredded apple, green onion, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, sunflower seeds, and a sesame ginger dressing. It looks good, and I hope it tastes good too!


And then when people ask us, why is it so important to you? Why is it so important to you to have men and women leading together, to have visible minorities in positions of power, to seek out and elevate and amplify and submit yourselves the voices of people outside the usual leadership and power narratives? Why do you make it a priority to model this crazy way of working together?

Then we can reply it’s not because it’s 2015, but because this is the Kingdom of God, hallelujah, taste and see.

So, what would it look like if our churches looked like what Scripture tells us about the Kingdom of God?

I think they just might look a lot more like the new Canadian cabinet.
— Sarah Bessey

What the Church Could Learn From the New Canadian Cabinet by Sarah Bessey (author of Jesus Feminist-- a must read-- and Out of Sorts--on my to-read list) was a fantastic read.

I (obviously) don't live in Canada, but everything I've been seeing in the news about their new cabinet has encouraged me and given me hope for the political world. This post confirms those hopes and paints a beautiful picture of what Kingdom living on earth can (and is beginning to) look like in real, stunning ways.


This post. This friend's honest telling of the letting go of her dad, slowly, because dementia is stealing more and more of him, it's stunning. It brought tears to my eyes.

I'm thankful for another week, for temps in the sixties and seventies, for friends that know just the words to speak when I'm in a funk, for unexpected texts full of good news, for words that just feel good to write, for fun plans ahead this weekend. Choose joy today.

The Best of What's Around

August was wild and full of adventure and movement and nonstop busyness, and I somehow though September would be slower. I was so wrong. I realized today that this month is half-way over, and I've only finished one book. When I mentioned that to my Rethink team, they were actually concerned and wanted to know if they needed to call my doctor...

Safe to say, life isn't slowing down any time soon. There has been less time for reading, more time spent working, more social plans and outings than I've had in a long while, and less time to stop and reflect on it all.

I don't have much to say in this space today, but here are a few things I wanted to pass along:

A new Story Seeker post is coming tomorrow from a friend I love dearly. I can't wait for you to read it.

This post from an old friend is such a good one for anyone struggling with anxiety, control, or feeling like life is heavy and hard.

I'm now writing weekly in a new column on The Rising, and today's post is "When You Go Down to the Deep"

This post on Verily about the "Seven Types of Friends Every Woman Needs" is a good one.

This video below...a beautiful mashup of two beautiful songs. Just listen.

Happy Tuesday, friends. Enjoy this start of autumn weather!