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A Poem for Easter Weekend

As I have spent time reading throughout Scripture and listening to hymns and worship music this week, I felt moved to put pen to paper and reflect on the events we will celebrate this weekend.

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What I'm (Currently) Using in My Quiet Time

With the new year came a new plan for my Bible study time, and it’s been going pretty well so far! I’ve made some adjustments after quickly realizing my goals were too ambitious (surprise, surprise) and it’s been great to zero in on the New Testament with some new resources to help me dive deep.

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How to Memorize Scripture (Tips and Tricks!)

I was inspired recently to be more intentional with memorizing Scripture, something I really haven't attempted seriously since childhood. Here are all the best suggestions I received for how to make it happen!

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How to Truly Create Space

It was in a hot yoga class that I first heard the phrase. “Create space,” the instructor says after calling out our next pose. At first, I brushed it off. I was too busy trying to, you know, do the pose...

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The Meaning We Often Miss in Philippians 4:13

It’s often taken to be this anthem of “I CAN DO EVERYTHING” and “I AM INVINCIBLE” and so on… and I’m not really a fan of that.

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To Gather Around the Table

When we sit down next to loved ones and strangers and acquaintances and break bread, we are building love. We are building community.

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Let's Call Out to One Another in Worship of Our God

How cool is it that when we gather, we can encourage and spur each other on in our worship, crying out to God and calling out to one another as we praise?

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The Rhythm of Lent For Me

May this season be one of growth, grace, and goodness. May we walk step by step alongside Jesus, God made man to save us, as He walks forward for us to the cross. May we grasp a little better this year how big that is.

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Holding Fast and Staying Quiet

I haven't really poured my heart out or shared serious thoughts here. I've been writing more than ever, but in journals instead. 

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He's Making Me New

Setting goals and writing lists and trying to improve so many things in so many areas of my life... But then, I'm reminded as if through a soft whisper, it's not about me.

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