NKJV, The Chronological Study Bible // REVIEW

As the editor of BibleStudyTools.com and as a Christian, I read the Bible a LOT. I have an NIV Bible, a NRSV study Bible from my college Old Testament class days, a journaling Bible for my art... but I've never had, seen, or used a Bible like this one. The arrangement of Scripture based on time is fascinating to me, especially as I become increasingly interested in the deeper stories, contexts, history, and meaning beneath the text.

This Bible feels fantastic in hand-- weighty, solid, well-made. The pages are colorful, full of incredible information, maps, art, facts, etc. I couldn't stop flipping through it when I got it in the mail, and I learned like five new things within a few minutes of reading.

There's just something so illuminating about realizing the historical context of the stories we read in the Bible, and something so exciting about putting together the pieces and the details of the greater scope of things. It really brings Scripture to life in a way that is life-changing, and I can't recommend study Bibles like this one enough for just that reason.

I can't wait to keep this Bible in my regular rotation as I study the Word-- it's such a helpful, unique, meaningful tool.

I received this Bible from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for my honest review!