Spinster // REVIEW

Whom to marry, and when will it happen— these two questions define every woman’s existence.

Those are the opening words of the first chapter, and HOW RIGHT IS SHE. Here's the thing: I'm single. I love it. And I have a lot of thoughts about it. So, the premise of this one (making a life of one's own) totally grabbed me, especially because this cover is awesome and it's a NY Times Bestseller (always a good thing). 

I have highlighted and underlined and written "YES!" in the columns a LOT throughout this one. It's informative but in a storytelling kind of way, it's an honest journey of Kate's life through 5 influential and trailblazing women throughout history (whose lives all coincide with hers in such serendipitous ways), and it's just a great read.

It doesn't glamorize either singleness or coupledom, but really shares what the back cover calls "the pleasures and possibilities of remaining single." It honestly had me feeling like finally, a book that gets it and gets me. It's refreshing. It's beautifully written. It's fascinating. It's intelligently written and not superficial at all. It's intimate and honest and just really, truly good.

A must read, especially if you're single, ever wanted to be single, or wonder about what it's like to be single.

You can read more about Spinster on Penguin Random House's site HERE.

FYI: I received a copy of Spinster from Blogging for Books in exchange for my review!