The Seven Money Types // REVIEW

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This was one of those books I didn't WANT to read... because I know money isn't my strong suit. I struggle to budget, hate managing my finances, and overspend like it's my job. It's bad, and I knew I needed to work on things... so, I got this book. And you guys, it was AWESOME. It wasn't shaming, it wasn't stuffy, and it was SUPER helpful. I had never heard money talked about like this  -- the whole premise is giving you a Bible character whose personality explains your money style. There's an assessment to help you figure it out (big fan of things like that) and then the chapters that follow read SO much like a narrative instead of prescriptive advice or some "get rich quick" scheme. (I'm a Jacob -- the aspect of God's image I focus on is beauty, and my shadow side is indulgence. Like, YES.) It's just so good, so helpful. Can't recommend this one highly enough!