Welcome to the book lover's link-up!

This is a unique book club co-hosted by myself and Kristin of Taz + Belly.

Back in May 2015, Amber of Mr. Thomas and Me and I wanted to start a new kind of book club that wasn't restrictive but that joined bloggers with great books and created a space for conversation. We hosted together for 12 months, and when Amber stepped back from blogging, I was so excited to add Kristin into the mix!

Here's the deal: we pick a theme, you pick a book that fits the theme (any book you want!), read the book during the month, and write a blog post review to link up with us at the end of the month. We all read each other's reviews, we all add new books to our to-read lists, and we all learn something new from someone great in this book-loving community! 

Want a sample template for you review? Here you go!

We are thrilled to have you join us on this journey.

There are no faster or firmer friendships than those between people who love the same books.
— Irving Stone


Love at First Sight.

Find a book with a cover you fell in love with at first sight, read it throughout February, blog your thoughts, and then...

Join us on February 28 with your review!