There's a moment from one summer camp in junior high school that has stuck with me all these years. The speaker told us that when we came back the following year, he wanted to see our Bibles so marked up with notes and highlights and prayers that he could hardly read the words. That one thought has continued to encourage me to intentionally spend time in the Word as I've evolved from having a totally untouched Bible to having one that has margins full of illustrations and little bits of art.

I absolutely love my journaling Bible-- it has become such a fun, creative way to engage with Scripture and really bring the words to life in new ways. Keep in mind: this is not the Bible I study in! This one is purely for art. I have several other Bibles I use in my quiet times for study. I'm also by no means an artist, and have found that comparing myself or my Bible to those who are is not helpful. This is simply a personal practice, and one that is evolving little by little!

Recently, my job (I'm the editor of!) has given me even more ways to dive into this endeavor through the creation of our Drawing the Word videos you'll see below!

No matter how artistic or creative you think you, I strongly encourage you to put pen to the pages of your Bible! If you don't like your handwriting, grab some stickers. If you like color, use bright markers or highlighters. The Word is the living Truth, and it is such a gift to get to hold it and connect with it artistically!

Drawing the Word videos

Materials I love: