social media accounts i manage

  • Rachel A. Dawson // FACEBOOK / TWITTER / WEBSITE. This is the official Facebook page for my writing and the place where I share links to blog posts I write. The Twitter account is my personal account where I also share my writings. The website is the home to my blog, my writing samples, design portfolio, samples of social media work and will soon be home to a stationery shop as well.
  • The Rising // FACEBOOK / TWITTER / WEBSITE. This is the official Facebook page and Twitter account for The Rising blog. I am the senior editor of The Rising, which is a product of Rethink Creative Group. I manage a team of members and guest bloggers, write content, edit all written pieces, provide photography for my posts and others, collaborate on all design and manage all social media accounts.

Accounts I formerly managed

  • Rethink Creative Group // FACEBOOK / TWITTER / WEBSITE. I am one of the collaborators of Rethink Creative Group and along with the rest of the team, we populate these social media channels collaboratively. Before the summer 2014 launch of The Rising, Rethink's website was the home of our blog where I wrote content supplemented by my own photographs. Currently, I contribute to these social media accounts periodically.
  • UMFS // FACEBOOK / TWITTER / WEBSITE. I was the Communications Coordinator for UMFS from November 2013 to August 2014. From November to April, I collaborated with our PR agency to create social media content. I managed all content on the website (writing stories, keeping content current, managing an events calendar, sharing pictures, making design edits, etc) in my role. From April to August, all content on our social media channels was created by myself. I also was in charge of monthly e-newsletters sent through MailChimp-- I wrote all stories, took all photographs and did all design (from the header to layout).
  • 22807 Magazine // FACEBOOK / TWITTER / WEBSITE. I was one of the executive editors of 22807 Magazine during the spring semester of 2013. I created the website on WordPress in collaboration with our design editor, and managed the social media accounts during that semester. The website has since been redesigned.