Here's what you really need to know:

I'm a believer (God's boundless grace and radical love wreck me daily). I'm a writer, designer, and editor (my real job). I'm an Enneagram One (this will tell you more about me than anything else). I'm an INFJ (this adds to the picture, doesn't it?). I'm a highly sensitive person (I feel all the feels, very deeply, all the time). I'm gluten-free and vegan (but I try not to be annoying about it). I have tattoos, rarely wear color, and almost always have a braid or bun in my hair (just to paint the picture). I'm most often found on my counselor's couch, in a hot yoga studio, outdoors, or in a bookstore (see you there?). Speaking of books, I read a lot of them (like, a lot).

I have strong opinions and big beliefs. I'll share them here, sprinkled amongst book reviews and links I love and the thoughts that spill over from a rambling mind.

I'll keep it real with you, always

This is where I record bits of my journey, the best of God's gifts, and the bravest words I can find. It's my prayer that what you find here encourages you, gives you a new idea, reminds you of truth, or leaves you a little better and feeling a little less alone.

xo, rad.

act justly / love mercy / walk humbly

(micah 6:8)

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