I have always loved to write and read poetry. Fun fact: I wrote a poem in 5th grade that won a top 10 prize for all students in my age bracket in the Southwest, and it was published in a legit poetry anthology. I'm still super proud of that (and I actually have it mostly memorized...) even though I'm so glad my writing (and rhyming) skills have improved since then.

The longer I'm a writer, the more I gravitate towards things that feel real and genuine, the words that feel gritty and messy and raw. I want to edit less and feel more deeply. Often, when I find myself writing poetry, it's a total overflow of the emotions I'm feeling, and I want to leave the words just like that.

I'll share them with you here, in total vulnerability and as much courage as I can muster.

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.
— Emily Dickinson