Getting Started with PowerSheets

Confession: I have never liked setting goals.

That sounds stupid when I write it out, but it's true. I'm a planner, a perfectionist, a type One through and through (anyone else Enneagram obsessed?), and putting goals on paper always just freaked me out. I felt an immense amount of pressure when it came to goal setting, and I legitimately never wanted to do it in any sort of official capacity where anyone could find out if I failed or fell short. Many bloggers share their monthly or yearly goals, and I never wanted to be one of them. I stuck to my fun bucket lists that I made of 52 fun things for each year, but never put goals out there.

And then, PowerSheets.

I kept seeing them everywhere. I already knew I loved Lara Casey (the founder of the company Cultivate What Matters that makes these goal setting planners) from her Write the Word journals and her incredibly heartfelt social media presence. I saw that my friends (like Leah, Bailey, and Erin) loved their PowerSheets and used them diligently.

I kept having this feeling like I should just give them a try... but I ignored it for well over a year... until the start of 2017. It just finally felt like a good time to pull the trigger and give it a shot.

The one year binders were sold out, which I actually think was a blessing. Committing to a year of goal setting was super intimidating to me, but the six month set seemed just right. I could give it a try at a cheaper price (only $40) and see how I felt about it without making a massive commitment. (PS-- they've all been sold out for a few weeks now, but scroll to the bottom of this post for some big news!)

I tracked that package like a crazy person, let me tell you. I was so eager to see these pages in real life and dive in! As soon as I opened up the box and started flipping through the pages, I just fell in love.

I really, really, really am excited about these PowerSheets, you guys. It's crazy.

(Also, total side note, but I LOVED that there was a white version available -- I am not a fan of color hardly at all, and as silly as it is, I totally wouldn't have bought them if there were only bright colored options! If you're a minimalist person when it comes to design, you'll love these, too. Promise.)

I wanted to share how I got started with my PowerSheets, because the inside peeks into what they're all about is what sold me, too!

Here's a little sneak peak into a few pages of mine:

Here's what I love about them so far:

  • You aren't being thrown in to goal setting without any preparation or planning.
  • The process is intentional, thoughtful, meaningful, and really eye-opening.
  • It's gradual -- the pages leading up to the first goals you ever set are a really great way to get settled, to reflect on the past, to dream for the future, to imagine my best life and best self, to name what's helping me and what's holding me back, and THEN get ready to set goals.
  • It's incredibly personal and any kind of person (stubborn or driven or unsure or WHATEVER) would be able to really find a way to make it work for them well.
  • It's so, so, so grace-filled. I wrestle with these things a lot as a perfectionist, and this process and how the language of these pages is written really helps bring me back to a healthier place and helps me create a foundation for success that is rooted in love and making progress instead of one that is shame-based or rooted in fear.
  • It's not just about WHAT your goals are, but so much about WHY they are your goals and HOW they'll help you grow and cultivate good things in your life. Love that.
  • It's purposeful. 
  • There's a really great community around PowerSheets -- I have several friends who are going through them as well, and it's been awesome to chat about goals and hold each other accountable and know that we're all in this together as we strive to make our lives even better!

Such a PowerSheets fangirl now, for REAL. Didn't think I would even like them or be able to make them work for me... and now here I am. I'm so excited to spend some time today setting my first real batch of goals for January! (I know, I know, it's 11 days in... progress, people ;) Not perfection! ha!

Also, if you're looking for other people who have blogged about PowerSheets, here are a few of my favorites: Annie // Leah // Bailey 

And now for some good news...


The Cultivate What Matters team just announced that the six-month PowerSheets (the kind I have and LOVE) are available for pre-order TODAY at 10 am EST, in all 3 colors! They will ship by late May from the warehouse in North Carolina to have in time for June goal planning. 

PS-- I'm an affiliate, so if you use any of my links in this post, I'll get a little bonus gift, which won't cost you anything but would make my day! :)

If you're set on getting the One Year workbook, you'll sadly have to wait until the fall of 2017 to order your set for 2018, and I don't think any more pre-orders of these six-month books are coming... so I would totally hop on this ASAP if I was you!