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BLOG-TEMBER: My September Playlist

September feels like a slowing down, like letting go, like breathing in deep and finding beauty in the way the heat fades out and the new season slips in.

These songs are reflective of that kind of September to me...

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Five. Sixteen. // PLAYLIST

This month's playlist is a fun blend of upbeat, happy, springy, cheery tunes that hopefully will put a smile on your face and bring some sunshine feelings to even the rainiest of May days.

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Four. Sixteen. // PLAYLIST

Enjoy these happy, feel-good songs for April.

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Three. Sixteen. // A PLAYLIST

This is the month SPRING starts. (And all the people said HALLELUJAH!) Here's a playlist to get you through those last winter days!

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One. Sixteen. // PLAYLIST

Here's my playlist for this first month of 2016, because when your word of the year is rhythm, it just makes sense.

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