BLOG-TEMBER: My September Playlist

September feels like a slowing down, like letting go, like breathing in deep and finding beauty in the way the heat fades out and the new season slips in.

These songs are reflective of that kind of September to me...

Five. Sixteen. // PLAYLIST

Five. Sixteen. // PLAYLIST

This month's playlist is a fun blend of upbeat, happy, springy, cheery tunes that hopefully will put a smile on your face and bring some sunshine feelings to even the rainiest of May days.

Three. Sixteen. // A PLAYLIST

Three. Sixteen. // A PLAYLIST

This is the month SPRING starts. (And all the people said HALLELUJAH!) Here's a playlist to get you through those last winter days!

The Playlists Your Summer Needs

With all the sun and afternoon thunderstorms and endless hours of daylight, summer just calls for a soundtrack all its own. Thanks to Spotify and having access to basically every song ever, I've been building these playlists over the last few weeks to set the tone for the summer they are! Enjoy! 

For cruising around town with your windows down:

These are the perfect, upbeat, wild, bang on the steering wheel while you dance in your seat like a crazy person kind of songs. They get me going every time, and if I'm not on a country road with my hair blowing in the wind, I want to be.

For a dinner party with friends:

I created this playlist for Yellow Conference and wrote a whole post here about why I picked the songs-- it really is perfect soundtrack for any evening soiree you host or attend this summer!

For those rainy, summer thunderstorm evenings:

This playlist is full of songs that all have storm-related words in the title (think: hurricane, wind, thunder, etc) and they're a great mix of upbeat, mellow, and everything in between.

For when you need to get those chores tackled or that to-do list done:

I swear, nothing gets me into gear like this playlist. It's my go-to for when I need to do laundry or clean my room or just really crank out some work.

For when you just need to relax and unwind (or read and write):

This is my favorite mellow music-- calm and tranquil, but enough melody and lyrics to keep me focused and awake. Really though, I could just listen to Ben Howard or Sleeping At Last for hours and hours and it would make me the most zen person ever.