What's your job?

I'm on staff at my church as the Communications Coordinator!


How do you read so much?

I've written my best tips here and here!


What books do you recommend?

The best books I read (and recommend) in 2017 can be found here. My 12 favorites from 2018 are here.

Also, check out the highlights on my bookstagram page for more of my favorites, saved by genre and by my star ratings.


who took your banner photos?

My awesome friend (and coworker) Paige Daniels of Sunday Vibes Photo Co. — she’s amazing.

How long have you been vegan?

I've been vegetarian since 2010. In 2012, I found out I was allergic to wheat and dairy, prompting the full on vegan + gluten-free lifestyle for me.


What do your tattoos mean?

Read about them here: here's my olive branch, my Greek beloved, and my Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design, my shark, plus sign, and selah. There's also an arrow on the side of my foot that I didn't write a post about!


where do you write?

I have written for Yellow ConferenceEveryday Exiles, Founded Magazine (here and here), BibleStudyTools, Crosswalk, iBelieve, Delight Ministries, Holl and Lane Magazine, Kingdom Spark, Thryve Magazine (Issue 6: Mended), Create Lounge (here and here),  Jobipedia, and more.


how did you find your counselor, and what made you start going?

I cannot talk about counseling enough -- I firmly believe every single person should see a counselor! Here's where I wrote about one year of counseling and what I learned. I mostly share about my counseling journey on my Instagram-- you can find my stories saved in the highlights under "counseling." I started going because I was battling severe depression and anxiety, mostly tied to my past abusive relationship and the trauma I endured. You can read my story about that here.