I’m a follower of Jesus and a writer. Together, the two define the core of who I am.

I believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior, the Redeemer of all my brokenness, the Creator of my soul, the Healer of my heart. I believe in writing daily in grid-lined Moleskine journals with inky black pens, and doodling in the margins of my Bible. I believe in making beautiful things, both at work (I'm the design editor for a Christian media company by day) and for fun. 

I believe in always having fresh flowers in the kitchen and dried eucalyptus by my bedside. I believe in being outside and being barefoot as much as possible. I believe in different music for different moods, and new playlists for every month or season. I believe in showing up, whether to the couch at counseling or the mat at the hot yoga studio. I believe in never consuming anything from animals (shout out to all my other vegans, especially the gluten-free ones like me too!).

I believe in salty snacks over sweet but in always having candy on hand for emergencies; taking the stairs and taking long walks; Sabbath and silence and solitude. I'm a big fan of love languages, Myers-Briggs types (I'm INFJ), Enneagram (Type 1 wing 2), and strengths finder (responsibility, empathy, belief, connectedness, intellection). I believe every person has a powerful story and that speaking our truth sets us free.

I believe in neutrals over colors and patterns (but there are exceptions). I believe that life is best lived together, but also in ample amounts of alone time. I believe hockey is the best sport and the Washington Capitals are the best team.

I believe that home is where the heart is, and that parts of mine are still in all the places I've lived (MD, AZ, London briefly, and VA) and in everywhere I've traveled (Mexico, Canada, France, Costa Rica, England, Scotland, Grand Cayman Islands + 32 states so far). I believe in capturing beauty in words and pictures, spending time outdoors and in art museums, writing in coffeeshops, and exploring whenever possible. 

I believe God is doing a new thing in my heart and in our world, and I believe my life is best lived when wholly devoted to His glory alone.

act justly / love mercy / walk humbly

(micah 6:8)

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