Surprised by Joy.

You came as a baby, meek and mild, sweet and small

You're a King, Lord and Savior, ruler over all

You came one silent, starry night

You're the glorious Lord of Light

You came among the simple and lowly

You sacrificed all, mighty and holy

You made yourself small, human like we are

Your presence made kings and shepherds travel far

Lord, of all of the ways you could show us your love

You chose to descend, come to our world from above

In the best of all mysteries, of all I can't understand

Your glory, so holy, came to life in a man

A King who walked on our ground

A King whose praises forever resound

A King who met me here on my earth

A King who became near through an unexpected birth

Joy to all of us, to all to come and all who came

Joy to my very heart, despite past sufferings and pain

Joy that awakened my eyes to all You are

Joy that surprises me, opens my heart to Your call

Joy for those who had little to give

Joy from the Lord who came so we may live

The surprise of joy, may it ever grasp my heart

Sweet baby Jesus, here on earth but set apart

Praise your name forevermore

King of all Kings, Lord of Lords