Friday Freewrite: List Love


This Friday, I'm borrowing a list from a blogger I discovered this week and sharing all sorts of fun little tidbits about life in my world lately! Enjoy!

Making | the most of every moment.
Cooking | recipes from my new gluten, wheat & dairy free cookbook this weekend.
Drinking | Trader Joe's Cold Brew with vanilla soy milk (a new summer discovery I'm now hooked on)
Reading | Walden by Henry David Thoreau-- I'm on  a mission to read more classic literature!
Wanting | cheesecake. I don't know why, but this vegan has been seriously craving a huge, rich piece of cheesecake. Anyone have a recipe that doesn't involve cheese...?
Looking | through new glasses this week and loving them.
Playing | a lot more Scattergories now that I've been introduced to how fun it is!
Deciding | big, big things.
Wishing | this beautiful, cool autumn-like weather could just stick around forever!
Enjoying | fresh Trader Joe's alstroemerias in a mason jar on my dining room table (I'm the biggest believer in always buying yourself fresh flowers)
Waiting | on the guidance of the Spirit
Liking | the way my hair decided to be perfectly curly today, even with the rain, which is a miracle.
Wondering | what stories I'll hear and be changed by this upcoming week.
Loving | the "Afternoon Acoustic" playlist on Spotify
Pondering | "Those who trust in the LORD will be joyful" and how to actively live that out hour by hour
Considering | how He provides for even the birds of the air and the lilies of the field and will therefore provide for me as I seek His kingdom and righteousness. (Matthew 6:25-34)
Watching | a lot less TV thanks to my decision to cancel Netflix, and I'm so glad I did.
Hoping | for a rainy, lazy weekend full of reading and writing and cozying up with big mugs of chai tea.
Marveling | at the BEAUTY that is Bella Grace. Run, don't walk, to your nearest Barnes & Noble and pick this baby up right now. It is a total gem and I'm in love.
Needing | the weekend. Can I get an amen?!
Smelling | like this body lotion that makes me feel like walking summertime
Wearing | a long chunky pearl necklace I found at my favorite Harrisonburg thrift store a few years ago.
Following | today's letters // hannah brencher // elle & co.
Noticing | the little blessings throughout my days.
Knowing | God is in control, perfect, sovereign, gracious and good.
Thinking | about the things that need to come together for some very exciting upcoming events in the life of Rethink! READ MORE HERE! YAY!
Admiring | this. all of this. can I have the budget to have these clothes?!
Sorting | through all of the books I brought home from work (do I really need to keep every design-related textbook from JMU? I'm such a packrat...)
Buying | too many books from Barnes & Noble..this is what happens when I have free time to kill. 
Getting | SO excited for my LA/Ventura trip for Yellow Conference and to see an old friend and some family at the end of August!
Bookmarking | Our Yellow Door (where I got this great list after some blog stalking!)
Disliking | that I need to spend time working on a better budget this weekend. Numbers are not my favorite.
Opening | two beautifully handmade cards from two sweet friends over and over because their words were perfect and much needed.
Giggling | every night on the phone with a pretty cool guy.
Feeling | ready to step forward in total trusting faith.

Thanks to Rachel of Our Yellow Door for this list-- I loved it and I'm sure you'll be seeing more of it around here in the coming weeks! Check out her blog-- it's a good one! Happy Friday, friends!