This, all of this, is refreshment. // A Letter Link-Up

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Dear you,

The world around you spins at warp speed. Days fly by like the calendar can't hold them all together. The clock on your wall tick-tick-ticks loud and steady and never pausing in hesitation. It all just keeps moving onward and it's enough to make you want to panic sometimes.

Sweet, sweet soul...breathe. Breathe in slow. Breathe out slow. Inhale, and let all the goodness of this life and all the blessings from your Creator fill up every ounce of your body and your bones. Exhale, and let all the worry and doubt and fear and anxiety leave you. Inhale, and take it all in. Receive. Absorb. Exhale, and whisper words of praise and thankfulness. This is selah. This is what it means to pause and praise. 

Sweet, sweet soul...slow down. You weren't created to keep up with the craziness. You weren't built to endlessly run and run and run, frantic and frazzled and weary. Your bones can't handle it, and you know full well that your heart can't either. You need to be still. You need to let the noise fade away. You need to let silence envelop you. You need to let every muscle relax, let every ounce of you stop fighting, let every bone just be.

Sweet, sweet you feel how refreshing this is? You were knitted together, stitch by stitch in love, by a Creator who knows every little bit of you intimately. He wants what is so perfectly best for you. None of that includes hurry, or worry, or stress, or fear. None of that includes pushing yourself to the brink of breakdown and total exhaustion just because the world is egging you on.

In the best way He could, Jesus showed us we need rest. He, as a human just like you, sweet soul, rested. Time and time again. He got away from the crowds, from the demands, from the work, from the noise...and He rested. He was still. He was silent. He worshipped, prayed, and was still with His Father.

He showed us how badly we need this. We need this stillness, this silence, this slowing down. How refreshing is it all, sweet soul? Can you feel it wash over you, even just the words? Can you feel it all begin to settle? Can you feel your heartbeat calm? Can you feel your breath fill you with peace?

That's Him, dear one. That's the Spirit. That's the peace that we can't understand, coming from the One who knows us and knows our souls so need this. This, all of this, is refreshment. And it's so good. Let it in. Let it wash over you. Carve out time for it, every day. Create space for your soul to breathe and just be.

Sweet, sweet are beloved. Let that refresh you.

All my love,

This letter is the first of what I know will be many letters written with The Letter Link-Up by Mr. Thomas & Me. Amber's heart for community and authenticity is beautiful and radiant, and every time she has a new idea (like this one), I jump on board instantly. If you're new here through this link-up, welcome! It's great to have you here. I can't wait to get to know you.