Dream It. Pin It. Live It. // My Review

A few weeks ago, I got an email from The Fedd Agency asking if I would review a new book from one of their authors. As someone who loves books, it was a no-brainer. They sent me two copies of "Dream It. Pin It. Live It." by Terri Savelle Foy-- so GOOD NEWS! I'm giving one away! Check out the bottom of this post for details about that.

This book is all about making vision boards work for you, and there are some great nuggets throughout it. I've made many a magazine cut-out collage in my day, and think they're so much fun to create for vision boards and even just for fun. Now, I've shifted my personal "vision-boarding" strategy into list format (I just love words and connect with them best), but the heart behind them is still exactly what Foy talks about.

Writing your dreams and goals enables you to stay focused so you are more likely to avoid distractions.
— Terri Savelle Foy

Before this year began, I took time to create a list of 52 goals for 2015. Writing them down and keeping them on the side of my blog all year long has kept those goals fresh in my mind, and I've made so much progress toward crossing everything off of my list as a result! Some of the things were big (like add $4,000 to my savings and visit my aunt and uncle in NYC) and some were more about new experiences (try 10 new Richmond restaurants and 10 new coffee shops and have a Friendsgiving) and some were to stretch and grow me (read 50 books) and some others were to love on other people (send surprise flowers as a gift), etc. 

Foy's big message is one I agree with: clarifying your goals is the best way to set yourself up for success in achieving them. All throughout this year, those 52 goals I set have been in my mind, challenging me to do new things and grow as a person. Had I never defined them, I might never have stretched myself so much or achieved as much as I have already.

Throughout this book, Foy weaves Scripture, Bible stories, and quotes together, combining both the faith-based and the practical aspects of creating vision boards. I liked that angle, as so often, they're kept separate.

For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.
— Matthew 12:34, ESV

There were times throughout this book where the advice and quotes felt a little cheesy and cliche (if I'm being totally honest) but I could clearly see that they were meant to be inspiring and motivating, so I can appreciate that intention. I'm not typically a peppy "RAH RAH LET'S GO!" kind of girl, so tons of exclamation points and Pinterest-worthy sayings aren't usually my preferred style, but that's just me.

Your vision board is now designed, your goals are clear, your dreams are imagined, now what? You need to remove all negative self-talk about your life and replace it with positive declarations affirming your future. Your words are a tool to be used to help you reach your goals. Your words can create doubt and negativity or they can position your life for something magnificent.
— Terri Savelle Foy

Another thing I liked about this book was the way Foy shared many personal stories and anecdotes from famous people and normal people alike. Books that include a variety of perspectives and experiences are always more relatable and accessible to me, especially when it comes to a topic like vision boards that can be taken so many different directions.

If you've struggled to stay motivated in your life or your work or your creative endeavors, I would encourage you to get to work on a vision board and use this book as your guide to do so. You can find it for purchase right here! There is bound to be something you want to work toward, and clarifying it and creating a tangible reminder will surely help you get there. I've personally been inspired to revamp my method for goal-setting for 2016 and include imagery, as I have realized how important visuals are to keeping goals in the front of my mind!

Overall, this book was a light, easy, (sometimes cheesy), but inspiring and fun little read. It didn't blow my mind or really wow me, but I did take away some helpful ideas that I'll keep in mind as I set new goals for the upcoming new year.

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