Five Finds Friday // January 8

Ah, Friday. I'm so glad you're here again. It's been a great week, but a full week, with tons of projects and late nights because UN/DEFINED GATHERING IS HAPPENING SO SOON. We are almost sold out of tickets, so Richmond gals, hop in that ASAP if you want to join us! We've sold over 800 tickets and only have room for about 20ish more!

Getting back into the swing of work and writing in this new year has been honestly so fun-- I'm really excited for everything that's in the works already!

Thanks again to the amazing Holly and Taylor for hosting this super fun link-up!




So, here's the thing. I don't have anything fashionable to show you. And if I went looking, I would find things I want to buy. And I would probably buy them. But I'm not buying things until May.

Because of this: #contentmentchallenge

(What this looks like for me, in efforts to focus on what matters and establish better rhythms in my life, is this: continuing to tithe to my church. buying no new books in all of 2016. buying no clothes or accessories of any kind until May. any unnecessary purchases are on hold, and I'll write them down so I can remember them, and if I still need them a month later, I'll reevaluate. adding to my savings account weekly. sticking to my budget for eating out/coffeeshops/drinks out. PLEASE HELP HOLD ME TO THIS FRIENDS.)


So this is a little bit of a stretch since it's not like actually something delicious...but it's all about food and it's SUPER interesting, so I'm going with it.

Against the Grain Should you go gluten-free?

Okay, here's one more because I really just needed something yummy in this section:


Uh, YUM. I made this salad earlier this week (grilled the tofu on my mini George Foreman, woo!) and seriously was full after like 6 bites. That NEVER happens with salad, so this is a huge win. Next time, I'll marinate the tofu longer and make more of the marinade for a dressing, as well as add more red onion/cucumber/tomatoes to the mix, but YUM.


In 2014, I read through the One Year Bible (this one, specifically!) and it set the tone for my whole year. Spending daily time in the Word, guided through the Old and New Testaments alongside the Psalms and Proverbs, was meaningful and rich. 

This year, I saw a new plan created by Tory Vore (who I heard about through Hannah Brencher) and knew I wanted to go through it! It's similar in that each day includes a reading from the Old Testament, New Testament, and one Psalm or Proverbs (at least so far) and I'm loving it. Sundays don't have readings but instead a reflection time on one attribute of who God is, which I write about in my journal.

I highly recommend this reading plan if you're looking for one! Use #effloresece2016 if you decide to join in!


This essay. I can't even begin to imagine.

Bonus finds:

The Year in Pictures 2015 from The New York Times // A powerful look at the tragic, beautiful, horrible, wonderful events of our year. Take the time to look at these, you won't regret it. Photography is incredible.

I'm Quitting Facebook and Going Outside // Please please ignore the times he mentions sex-related things and just look at the rest of this piece! Those few sentences aside, I love the heart of this article, especially because my month away from social media came out of so many of the same realizations. 

If You’re Too Busy For These 5 Things: Your Life Is More Off-Course Than You Think // I just love love love everything about this thought process. THIS is why my word of the year is rhythm. These are the kinds of healthy, productive, life-giving practices I'm working to put into better practice this year.

Oh yeah, and I chopped like 4ish inches off my hair.

New year, new me, right? It feels so good.