Make Me Like You // A Friday Freewrite

I want to be bravery. Unshakeable, powerful, rock-solid confidence not even a tornado could shake. Humble and gracious, like soft silk in my skin, not passive, not a pushover.

I want to be loyalty. Fierce and devoted, always cheering in the corners of the ones I love.

I want to be boldness. No hiding, no holding back, no hinting. I want to use my voice to speak my heart and say the things I know to be true without any hesitation.

I want to be grace. Deep and rich, sweet and surprising, endless as the sky that never leaves or fails or forgets to show up every day.

I want to be love. In words and actions, in letters and phone calls, in smiles at strangers and eyes that truly see. In acts of service and quality time, in gifts and compliments, in just showing up.

I want to be compassion. The not afraid to get dirty, stay up all night long, cry when words fail, just be present kind of thing.

I want to be intentionality. Honest. Genuine. True. Reaching out and pressing in and persisting. I want to be truth. No facades, no white lies, no exaggerations.

I want to be mercy. Never turning blind eyes, never feigning ignorance, never shying away. The generous kind, the giving kind, the graceful kind, the gritty kind, the glorious kind.

I want to be forgiveness. Turning my cheeks, letting others go from the hook of guilt and shame, freeing hostile bonds in endless love.

I want to be kindness. Soft words, gentle touches, a ray of light, a glimmer of hope.

I want to be goodness. Seeing beauty, seeking joy, sharing smiles, touching lives, leaving footprints worth following.

I want to be like Jesus. I'm nothing like Him when I look in the mirror-- I'm flawed, crumbling, damaged, broken. My intentions are selfish and impure. My actions are careless and chaotic. I fall before Him, barely held together at the seams, every beat of my heart echoing in my ears a desire for Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. More of You. Take over more of me. More of You. Flood more of me. More of You. Redeem more of me.

More of You, making me more like You. More of You, transforming me to look like You. More of You. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, make me like You. 

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