Five Finds Friday // January 29

It's Friday. It doesn't feel like Friday, because we had a million snow days (also known as 5, but it felt like a million) and I've only been in the office half the week...but here we are! Weekending is coming soon. I can't say I hate it.

Here's what I've been loving lately! Thanks to Holly and Taylor for hosting this fun link up every week-- blogger friends, join us!


My roommate and I planned our Galentine's Day party over the weekend, and this list of 23 reasons why you should celebrate it had me CRACKING up. Parks and get me. I love you.


Madewell's new spring arrivals are here. I'm swooning. I want it all (and the bank account to let that happen) but I'm also on a spending freeze for the time that's sad. But it's all still beautiful and I'm definitely going to be asking for some of these things for my May birthday!

I think I should just dedicate this section to Madewell every week. Because I have the biggest fashion crush on them and I would shop only there forever if I could and that's that. 


One perk of 5 snow days is time to make fun new food/drinks! If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen all this already, but I'm sharing it again BECAUSE I CAN and because they're that good. I make no apologies for repeating content.

My roommate and I made this Blackberry Fence Hopper cocktail from the Shake book of cocktails (highly recommend, by the way) and it was DELICIOUS.

And then this pasta... oh man. THE BEST EVER. I'm not kidding. It was GOOOOOOOD. I will be making it over and over and over because pasta that's garlicky and a little spicy and cheesy (vegan parmesan cheese=my bff) and roasty too? Yes. All the yes.


Here's a different kind of faithful article for you: a cool infographic about megachurches in our world today. Super bright and colorful, and informative too. I love stuff like this.

And then there's this, because Sara Gilmore writes gold: God doesn't author "second-bests"

Oh, and I did this thing:

Cast Your Cares on the LORD!

When we believe in Him, He keeps us going even when life gets hard. We will not be shaken!

Posted by on Saturday, January 23, 2016

People commented that writing in my Bible was sacrilege and I was defacing the Word of God. And also "what is with that black witch nail polish?" which is funny because 1. I love black nail polish and 2. that nail polish was maroon and the color filter just made it look dark. But apparently I'm a sacrilegious witch, so there's that.


A dear friend (and un/defined gathering teammate) sent this video to our team as encouragement as we were preparing for our big event, and it nearly brought me to tears. I've listened at least twice a day ever since. Such good truth.

Bonus finds:

Millennials Coming of Age // A friend sent this to me, and I find it fascinating. Our generation has such a unique experience and this presents facts and stats in a really engaging, interesting way. A+ for good infographics lately

Dreamy Details: Library Ladders. // I would like one right now, please and thank you. Swooning.

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