What I'm Reading for Readathon

This Saturday is Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon! This past April, I found out about this Readathon for the first time thanks to Bailey who was participating. I had plans to meet a friend already that day, but I got through 2 books the morning (these two!) before I headed out and it was so fun to get a glimpse of the great Readathon community and a taste of what it's all about! I'm excited to be more prepared this time around.

The idea of reading for 24 hours is both amazing and daunting-- I love reading (a LOT) but the idea of only reading for an entire day is kind of crazy, I admit! My life lately has been go-go-go, so I'm actually really excited to just take a day relaxing and reading and trying to get through some titles that have been on my shelf for far too long.

I decided it would be a smart idea to create a couple of stacks of books I'm attempting to tackle during this Readathon just so I would have a rough outline. It often takes me a while to really decide what I want to read next, and I wanted to eliminate that time and try to get through as many books as possible!

In picking these books to start with, most are ones I've had on my shelf waiting to be read for far too long. A handful of them are ones I'm in the middle of, and I want to finish them up. A few are library books that are due soon, so the pressure is on! And others are thrown into the mix because they're a different style so I'll hopefully stay interested and engaged with reading all day.

(Side note: if you click on any of the book titles below, you'll get an Amazon affiliate link that will help fund my reading habit. Thank you!)

Here's the stack of books I'm currently in the middle of and want to finish:


Here's a bunch that have been on my shelf for forever that I'll tackle next:


Here's a bunch of ones that grabbed my attention from the shelf that I might mix in throughout the day: 


I'll be over on Instagram and Twitter all day sharing updates on what I've read and how it's going, so follow me there!

Anyone else joining in this Readathon?! Let me know so I can follow along with your reading and cheer you on!