Gifts You Can Feel Good About


More and more, I'm revamping my shopping habits to only support companies I can feel 100% good about. These companies are ones that give back, support women or artisans in developing countries, donate to fantastic causes, or in some way make the word a better place without exploitation! It matters so much to me that my money goes to companies who are doing good and who aren't just trying to make money without caring about harming humans or our planet.

All of these companies below are ones I can personally vouch for-- even if I haven't purchased the exact products shared here (although many of them, I have!), I have purchased others from them and know firsthand about their quality and legitimacy. 

I cannot recommend these goodies highly enough! Also-- none are over $50 because we all should be better about our budgets, am I right?! Not splurging doesn't mean we have to sacrifice quality or beauty or our standards, though! I know $50 is a lot to some, but when you're shopping wisely and ensuring that the conditions of all workers and the quality of all materials are good and fair, it's worth every penny.

Why not give back and/or do some good in the world as you shop this Christmas?!

The Luxe Drape Cropped Scoop-Neck Tee // $35

I absolutely love Everlane. I get all of my basic tees from them, and have been so impressed by the quality, the customer service, their high standards for production... I just can't rave enough. This tee is next up on my list!

If you've never shopped Everlane before-- use this link and I'll get a little bonus gift, which would just be the best thing ever. :)

Friendship Bracelet // $12

Half United is a fantastic brand. Each purchase provides 7 meals for a child in need-- how cool is that? I have several of their bullet necklaces and LOVE them, and really love these fun little friendship bracelets as stocking stuffers!

Bergamot + Black Tea candle // $30

I have never loved a candle more than this one from Sydney Hale Co. Seriously, the smell is DIVINE. I both want to burn this one ALL THE TIME and never burn it because I want it to last forever. 10% of all sales are donated to dog rescue-- love it. Also, these beauties are made in Virginia, so I get to give back AND shop local when I buy these!

Patagonia Canvas Bag // $29

Patagonia is one of the coolest companies. This Black Friday, they're donating 100% of their sales to environmental organizations. 100%. That's amazing. (SO bonus if you shop on Black Friday! What a win-win.) They have a whole designated section of their site to fair-trade certified products, they recycle a TON, use organic cotton, their business statement is to build quality products while causing no unnecessary harm... I could go on and on. Their products are incredible quality (I basically live in my Better Sweater jackets all winter!) and I can't recommend them highly enough. How perfect would this bag be for farmer's market trips or library runs or just carrying as a purse?!

O, Come Let Us Adore Him - Solid Pine Wood Etched Sign (11" square) // $25

I have one of these beautifully handmade wood signs in my office (mine says "awake my soul") and I have gotten so many compliments on it! It's such a simple and beautiful piece of art created by a couple who are just incredible -- they've adopted two children and have such an amazing testimony of the Lord's faithfulness and provision -- so I love supporting their awesome Etsy shop! I have several of their beaded necklaces as well and LOVE them, so you really can't go wrong here!

Delicate Word Ring // $34

All of the FashionABLE products are made by women both locally and globally who have overcome -- there are few things I love more than supporting brave, talented women, so it's RIGHT up my alley. I have scarves from this company and several pieces of jewelry (even from back before Live FashionABLE + Miriam Designs merged!) and love it all. I'm planning to get myself one of these rings with the word "selah" -- a past word of the year that I still just adore. What a fun way to get a "mom" ring or "bff" ring or even just a fun word like "hope" or "brave" -- the options are endless! // If you use this link, I'll get a little bonus gift but it won't cost you a cent more! :)

Garden Seeds // $27

This might seem like a strange addition to this list, but hear me out. I sponsor a child through Compassion and LOVE the work they're doing around the world to support children and share the Gospel with them. Giving a gift through Compassion's gift catalog can be a one time thing (where sponsoring a child is a monthly commitment) and a great way to get started! I absolutely love spending time in my own family's garden, so giving the gift of garden seeds to those in need just makes my heart so happy. Helping to make sure these sweet families are less at risk of famine is amazing.

Hayden scarf // $44

I have loved Krochet Kids for a long time-- their products are handmade by incredibly talented people who are being equipped to rise out of poverty. The coolest part is that every piece is signed by the person who made it-- it's such an awesome personal touch that makes you feel so connected to the artisan who created what you now own! This scarf (in neutrals, because of course) looks SO cozy-- fringe is so in, and I love the stripes of this one!

Charity Pot // $27.95

I LOVE Lush, especially because they have so many vegan products. I've made a much more intentional effort to ensure all of my beauty products vegan, and this one not only is, but also the cost 100% supports grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights. Their lotions are heavenly, and this one just takes it all to the next level of awesomeness.

Estrella bowl // $32

I got one of these baskets in a past Causebox and fell in love with it-- it's unique, beautifully woven, sturdy, and a great conversation starter. Artisans in developing countries create these stunning baskets, and they would make excellent hostess gifts!

What other amazing companies are you loving this year?!