Currently // Feb. 3

I'm a fan of a good link-up, and a fan of a good, easy, quick life update. This is both of those things! Shout out to Anne at In Residence and Jenna of Gold & Bloom for being the wonderful hosts of this "Currently" link-up!

This song. Just listen. It's good. It was passed along to me this week by someone who just gets me, and this song just gets me too. Crazy when that happens, right? Anyway, listen while you read if you like!


sending // VALENTINES! I'm still working on my vision for these, but working on a Drawing the Word time-lapse video for work all about love has been getting me in the creative spirit for sending some little love notes in the coming days!

(you can find video #1 here and #2 here!)


eating // ALL the roasted veggies. Sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, purple califlower, purple kale, onions, brussels sprouts... yum. Easiest, heartiest, winter-est dinner. I'm into it.

Also, still not over THIS PASTA. I think I'll make it with black bean noodles next so I can indulge guilt-free!



dreaming // Of Spring. I'm glad we got a big snow, but the last few days of sun and high sixty degree weather have been such a tease. Spring means new life and my birthday and longer hours of sunlight spent outside after work, and I'm craving it all.


smelling // A whole lot of essential oils. I've had a nonstop headache/migraine for the past 6 days now, and the only thing that remotely seems to bring me relief is my headache roller blend! It's been a while since I made it, but I'm pretty sure it's a eucalyptus/peppermint/lavender blend. Also, I made super simple candles with EOs lately that I'm loving! (The original video we based our process on is here!) I used tiny mason jars, melted vegetable shortening, stirred in oils, put the wick in (bought the ones with the metal rounds at the bottom from my craft store) and refrigerated them until they hardened-- easy! I made several different blends (like lavender/orange/lemon/eucalyptus!). 


hearting // Flannery. She's my soul sister. I've always loved her writing (especially her Prayer Journal) but reading this biography of her has confirmed it-- we are SO much alike and girl just gets me. Reading this book with a soy vanilla latte at the cutest new Carytown coffee shop this past Sunday morning was so sweet. I love Sabbath.

What are YOU sending, eating, dreaming, smelling, and hearting currently?! Share in the comments!