Five Finds Friday // April 1

Because literally nothing can be trusted on the Internet today, let me just start this by saying everything in this post is real and not at all a joke. I hate this day! I'm not somebody that finds things like this funny, so it's really just a day of doubting everyone and everything and hoping nobody pranks me. April 2, come soon.

I'm jumping in again with Holly and Taylor's Five Finds Friday to share some fun things with you!


It's fine that I'm laughing so hard at my desk that I'm crying. It's fine.


Okay, so I've shared how I'm revamping all my beauty products to be more green, vegan, clean, and cruelty-free, but nail polish and makeup are big things I haven't even begun to tackle yet. This article from A Beautiful Mess about natural nail polishes is going to be my guide though! I legitimately have a massive shoebox FULL of nail polish... it's bad. It might be a while before I make the switch on this one.


The last time it snowed, I bought a bunch of beans and thought I would make chili, because it just seemed right. Great idea...but I never did. And now half a shelf in my pantry is full of chili ingredients, so I think it's time to make a pot of it, even though it's spring and it doesn't make as much seasonal sense anymore. OH WELL. Here's the recipe I'm using!

Also, I just need to tell you about this cheesecake again. I adore cheesecake, even though I'm not a big dessert person, and my vegan little self has been sadly missing it for the last few years. Over Easter weekend, my mom mentioned that we should try to make one, and we did, and I have never eaten a more delicious thing. PEOPLE. It is SO good. My dad who is not at all vegan even said it was delicious! We couldn't get enough. Plus, it's basically like all nuts (the "cheese" is soaked cashes, the crust is walnuts and dates, there are peanuts in there) and fruit (the "caramel" is just dates and water), and maybe a liiiiittle chocolate and some other stuff. Ignore that. This is healthy. Eat the whole thing. 


How Do I Pray With My Whole Heart?

So every week on Thursdays at work, I'm assigned a trending article and I write a post essentially recapping it and adding my own perspective to it. (yes, this is shameless self promotion, but really, the article is based on this one from Joel Beeke, so whatever.) This week was about prayer, and it's one I can relate to all too well. It's so easy to fall into the pattern of forgetting to pray or just praying half-heartedly, and these reminders from Puritan practices were great to read and reflect on!


I read When Breath Becomes Air this week, and cried a LOT. The wife's epilogue after her husband's beautiful book (all about his life/journey to becoming a neurosurgeon and then finding out he has his own aggressive cancer that ends up taking him far too soon-- that's not a spoiler, I promise!) just got me good. Please read it as soon as you can! And then. I remembered I had seen this post of that same wife getting a home makeover as a fresh new start after her husband's death, and I just felt all the feels all over gain. Life is a beautiful, tragic, hopeful, heart-breaking, wild thing.

Happy weekend, everyone!